Waifu, FWB or One-Night Stand? #20

It’s week #20 of Waifu, Friend With Benefits or One-Night Stand!

For those new to the article, this is not a post that talks about the “fuckability” of three randomly selected female characters from various anime and video games. I’m already attracted to them, it’s to be implied that I would share a bed with them already. What this article is meant to do, is go through their personalities, interests, anything pertinent to answering the question if they’re a one-time only, a friend that I might accept the occasional booty call from, or someone I would absolutely spend the rest of my life with.

So without further to do, let’s meet this week’s contestants!


I imagine the majority of people will have no idea who this character is, even if you watched Charlotte, as Sara (or Sala) Shane, the blind lead singer of ZHIEND comes and goes pretty quickly other than one specific episode where she has a bit of screen time. But right off the bat, Sara being blind has absolutely no weight in my decision.

With that out of the way, the little bit of Sara we get to see, we see her as a very calm and laid back individual, very much the tourist type when she’s in Japan, a huge fan of Japanese food and culture. She has moments of impatience and being a little demanding, but the majority of the time she’s very friendly and cool to be around.

There’s a bit of a negative with her for me though, she’s very religious as she talks about Jesus a bit and even notes that she believes she gave her eyesight to God in repentance.

So with that all in, here’s my call on Sara:


Once again, the whole being blind thing doesn’t really affect me that much, I can adjust to something like that. However I don’t think it’s possible for me to spend the entirety of my life with someone who is as religious as Sara is. As an atheist, I don’t have a problem being around religious people mind you, but I imagine the idea of dating and especially marrying someone who is as far to that side of the spectrum as Sara is, it wouldn’t go quite as well as one could hope for. But friends?


My!! My!! My!! It’s Kareha from Shuffle!

This one will be quite short as well, as Kareha is a side character in the series and she’s pretty much got two gears: Cute girl and crazy daydreaming romantic…cute girl. Kareha when normal is your average high school girl, she’s cheerful, has a little spunk to her, but overall is just your average run-of-the-mill cute, nice young girl. When she hears or sees something extremely cute or romantic however, that second gear kicks in and thus the “My!! My!! My!!” line comes out and her eyes get all sparkly and she’s beyond lost in the clouds. It never gets old.

I honestly have not much else to say about her, so here’s my decision:


Like some other girls, I can’t convince myself that Kareha is wife material when I really don’t know enough about her to make a strong decision to have her in that position. But there’s certainly nothing about her that makes me want to distant myself from her and the more I think about it anyway, I think a girl of her nature is better suited as a friend I see once in a while, I’m not so sure I could live with her and see that would get lost in the clouds every time I tell her that I love her. I know I said her second gear never gets old, but that’s coming from the side of not being the target of her affection.


Now here’s a character where I have to make a ton of changes in her in order to make this make any sense. So, Reoko from Bubuki Buranki…wow…this is gonna be a tough one. First off, we’re removing her immortality, since that’s not a thing (yet) in this current world. Because as much as I’d love to be with someone that never ages, I feel like that would get creepy to the general public after a while. Secondly, because her immortality is gone, we have to assume that the brain damage that causes her to revert to a child mentally at times (which is a result of her body reviving due to her immortality) does not exist. And lastly, because of the elimination of her immortality as well, we have to assume that she also won’t have three years left to live, like she does in the backstory that kickstarted her journey which in turn caused Migiwa to destroy Entei’s heart so a new one would be forced into Reoko and thus her immortality. So we’re going off little bits of her personality from both sides here.

With that being said, Reoko’s still a very tough nut to crack as it’s hard to tell where her personality truly lies. Is the cute and intelligent high school girl the real Reoko and even if it is, what about that dark and psychotic side she has as the anime’s villain? Would it exist if the entire Entei situation never occurred? It’s hard to say for sure, I can only guess at this point. So because of that, I’m going to look at it as that she has that particular side, but assuming that she’s in love with me, it’s not exactly a side of her I’ll see, if ever.

So to take all that into consideration, how I would personally look at Reoko’s personality lies in a mixture of her cute high school personality and her decisive, intelligent adult mind. If I were to put her at the same age I am now (28), I can see Reoko as a very independent, smart woman, the type who has the knowledge and the decisive personality to have a well-paying office position, perhaps even the big boss of said company. At home, depending on her emotions at the time, I can see her as a relaxed, calm and quiet individual, but with the possibility of having a bit of a short fuse.

So, here’s my call on Reoko:


I’m sure some people will look at this decision as only being possible because I went out of my way to take away the pure evil that Reoko is in the majority of the anime. But I look at it as something I had to do, otherwise there’s no reason to even have her on the list. But from watching her, even through her evil personality, I was still very attracted to her, in particular after the first time I saw her teenage personality and got a sense of who she was before she became the villain she is. So by removing the villain part of Reoko, I found a ton of potential with her, especially considering she’d be living a more normal life, free of impending death and injury from fighting as a part of Entei. I truly do believe that if not for her terrible journey in life, she’d be a wonderful woman, one that I’d be more than willing to give a shot if she ever existed.

So that’s this week’s edition of Waifu, FWB, or One-Night Stand, hope you enjoyed it! Leave any comments you’ve got below, whether it’s your own choices between the three or maybe I’m missing something that could’ve turned the tide on my decision with any one of these girls.

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