Top 10 Anime Boys I’ll Admit Are Good Looking

So many of my Top 10s have been about girls and how sexy they are. Whether it’s girls in swimsuits, different sexy anime girls based on their hair colour, anime-specific girls, I’ve made a lot of Top 10s using this kind of topic. So after eleven straight weeks of sexy anime girls with the various hair colour Top 10s, I decided to do something just a little different.

I’m gonna make a Top 10 about good looking anime boys. And I’m gonna do it with 100% comfort!

I’d put a buffer in with this article, but I think yesterday’s post covered that already. So let’s just get to the list!


It’s the body markings, definitely the body markings. Zaveid from Tales of Zestiria, specifically for me the recent anime Tales of Zestiria The X caught my eye for the five minutes of the entire series that we see him. Tall guy, jacked, tanned skin with silver hair (that’s a guarantee A+ look when it comes to female characters for me), that cocky smile of his making him look more badass and then like I said at the start, the body markings are a nice finishing touch to also give him a real unique look to him. I’m sure some of you are thinking right now if there’s any more markings that the pants are hiding. Don’t you lie, if you weren’t thinking about it then, you sure as shit are now!


I’ve never watched Uta no Prince-sama, but I’m come across quite a bit of artwork of Ittoki and he’s a pretty good looking guy. He has both that sexy male charm that would attract a parade of women to come his way, but at the same time there’s a little bit of effeminacy as well that if you’re into more feminine looking boys, he carries just enough of that to grab your attention as well. Also that hair is just awesome, you just want to mess it up over and over again.


Out of all the main characters of Free!, Nagisa’s the one that grabs my attention the most, mainly cause the other guys are all pretty same-y in terms of looks, they’re all tall and jacked to the gills, it really just becomes a preference of hair colour. Where Nagisa being the lone short guy of the group, he’s a bit easier to spot and his size also acts as a way to make him look a little cuter than handsome. Couple that with a speedo and he could almost pass off for an athletic girl who lost her bikini top. Works for me!


While in some cases there is an attraction there, in Archer’s case, there’s none, but goddamn I can’t deny that he is well-designed and I have a full understanding of why girls and boys alike both want to jump this dark-skinned Servant and ride him all night long. Like Zaveid earlier, the dark skin and silver hair is just such a fan-fucking-tastic pairing of colours and Archer carries an even larger amount of swagger and badassery around than Zaveid does. Rin is one hell of a lucky girl!


Y’know all this time I thought Rin from Ao no Exorcist had a tattoo, but it was just hit tail wrapped around him. Sheesh, this is what happens when I learn about characters through just artwork and not actually watching the damn show! He’s a great example of fan art increasing his appearance a ton, as screencaps I’ve seen from the anime doesn’t grab my attention remotely as well. He’s not too jacked to the point he looks like he’ll crush you and he’s also got a bit of cuteness too him. You just want to give him a hug!


I have no idea who this Free! character is, I’m assuming he’s a side character in Free!: Eternal Summer or something, cause I haven’t seen him yet in Octopimp‘s amazing parody series, 50% Off! yet. But when I came across this image of Kisumi, I couldn’t deny just how perfectly designed this swimmer is. Perfect amount of muscle, mixed with the slight feminine tones with his posing and his pinkish hair colour. While Nagisa plays the short and cute card, Kisumi just plays the “I’m fucking adorable!” card and it works in spades.


While not an anime, visual novel Wand of Fortune has some damn good male characters in anime form. Out of all of them, the easy winner is the red-haired Lagi, who isn’t the biggest guy and has a massive love for tight pants. Ding ding ding! As it stands with female characters, Lagi does cheat a little bit by having red hair, but it’s really this specific picture that really grabbed my attention and puts him so high on this list. Just enough of his shirt is riding up that you get his stomach and the lining of his pants where many are probably dreaming about sliding their hands into right now. Just like Zaveid, come on, don’t lie to me, you’re thinking about it!


This is the one sort of biased pick on this list, just because I really loved Suisei no Gargantia and many of the characters in the series. While if I had to pick just one character in the series to bed, I’d hit the female side many times over before I’d reach main character Ledo, he’s still a pretty good looking guy. Smaller frame, very well toned, looks fantastic shirtless and even better when fan art takes the usual swimming trunks he wears in the swimsuit episode and replacing it with a speedo, as pictured above. Geez, the amount of incredible views I’d have if I was on that ship with everyone else in that episode…


A lot of male-loving anime fans are breathing a collective sigh of relief now that an Hetalia: Axis Powers has shown up on this list. While there’s a number of them that are worth noting (United States and Italy, just to name a few), United Kingdom was the easy pick for me. Out of all the characters, it’s oddly enough the fact that he looks so normal that really grabs my attention. He’s not overly jacked, he’s not overly feminine, he doesn’t have crazy hair colours, he’s not wearing crazy outfits, he’s just a really good-looking guy. And that picture above is drawn so well. The union jack looks good on underwear, it’s just a fact.


But in the end, the winner goes to a character that I could conceivably mistake for a girl if I was to approach this MAGI: The Labyrinth of Magic character. Super long hair, gifted by the designer with hips that really do make you question whether he’s a guy or not, a slender frame, there’s a lot to love here. Mix that with all the art and fan art of this character and holy fucking hell is this guy attractive! And this series doesn’t half-ass with girls either, check out Morgiana! The entire show is home to a ton of attractive characters, no matter what you’re into. But I’m picking the best butt from the show and Judar just happens to be the one who has it.

And that’s the list, hope you enjoyed it! It was nice to finally get one of these out, I felt like for a guy who wears the “all sexual content is awesome!” on his sleeve, I really hadn’t been showing any love to male-related sexual content, despite how I really have no real knowledge of it. I don’t actively seek out yaoi content, so actually making this list was strictly on artwork I’ve seen and the odd character in shows I’ve watched where I thought the character was more than just a badass. It’s kinda like that when the majority of shows you watch are designed for straight males.

Either way, thanks again for reading and don’t forget to put your own lists of anime boys in the comments below!

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