Waifu, FWB or One-Night Stand? #24

It’s week #24 of Waifu, Friend With Benefits or One-Night Stand!

For those new to the article, this is not a post that talks about the “fuckability” of three randomly selected female characters from various anime and video games. I’m already attracted to them, it’s to be implied that I would share a bed with them already. What this article is meant to do, is go through their personalities, interests, anything pertinent to answering the question if they’re a one-time only, a friend that I might accept the occasional booty call from, or someone I would absolutely spend the rest of my life with.

So without further to do, let’s meet this week’s contestants!


Kicking off this week is easily the nicest girl out of all of them in Luck & Logic, Yukari. Before being recruited to ALCA as a Logicalist, she was the manager of her high school’s girls’ soccer team, where she gained a reputation of being a very dependable and positive person to those she’s working with, almost like a mother, some could say.

That’s because Yukari is one of the most caring girls I’ve seen in anime recently. Regardless of the fact that she wasn’t too keen on the idea of becoming a Logicalist at first, she put that aside and transitioned right into a supportive role for the other Logicalists she teamed up with. She’s very caring, very positive and a very hard worker with whatever she does. Granted, it sometimes means she’s puts everyone else before herself, so I imagine it takes a toll on her. Lastly, she’s very observant, able to sense the needs of those she’s around and being able to see the good in everyone, no matter how hard it is to find.

That’s all I’ve got on Yukari, so here’s my call on her:


Yukari’s a great girl, there’s no denying that. The one problem I have with her is the major positive about her, how caring she is. She’s almost too nice, too far on that side for me. While yes, she’d be a fantastic girl to be around, she loves to cook, she’s a great personality and all that jazz. I just think that without a bit of an edge to her personality, she becomes very boring over time, she’s the classic anime girl who’s so sweet it hurts, even when she gets mad, she’s sweet. That might be a great match for some, but for me, it’s just weird to me having a girl who only has one setting.


This flat-chested girl from Shuffle! hates it when you point out her bust size and will make you pay for saying it. I agree with Mayumi, there’s a small sect of men who are way into girls with small breasts, because I’m one of them. So you gotta give this girl credit, she’s taking the hand she was dealt in a world where the average bust size of a girl is a C-cup and she’s running with it with so much confidence.

Mayumi’s a very happy and somewhat hyper girl, she definitely thrusts herself into the forefront of things and is always trying to get involved in conversations, wanting to hear the latest gossip. Some might think she’s a bit of a dunce cap, but as we see throughout the series, Mayumi’s actually a pretty bright girl, she’s just a horrible test-taker, which I feel so bad for those who are like that. Lastly, this girl has a bit of a confrontational side to her as well, particularly with those she’s close to. Some of it’s of course due to being bashed about her lack of a bust, but in general she has no shame in quarreling with her friends.

So here’s my call on Mayumi:


I really like Mayumi. Like I said before with Yukari, I like girls with a bit of an edge to them and Mayumi fits that bill very well. She’s not a shy girl, she’s not an overly sweet girl, she’s not really a dangerous girl (unless you talk about her breasts), she’s just a very confident, casual girl who enjoys herself to the fullest and deals with whatever comes her way. And besides, you know if she finds a guy who is after that rarity that she claims to be, she’s not letting go of this opportunity. She won’t try to cheat on you and she’ll do her best not to rock the boat too much. She has a lot of upside to her and I know she’d go out of her way to make sure that’s all you see of her.


Right off the bat, this is a tough case to decide on, due to the nature of the show. I was originally going to just completely adjust her history, so she would avoid the situations that cause her to develop PTSD, but I think by doing that, it’d completely rewrite her character and I’d really be unable to talk about her with any certainty. So all I’m doing is naturally, pulling her out of the alien mech setting she’s from and replace her into a military backstory where she develops her PTSD due to a couple of her friends being killed, perhaps by a bomb in the field, or a surprise terrorist attack, something like that.

As we see in the anime, all the way through her time in the military, Anett fought almost with a deathwish. After watching three of her friends die in a short period of time, she’s mentally broken and rushes into heavily aggressive attack situations, putting herself in so many near-death situations, it’s amazing she survives. It’s almost like after witnessing her friends’ deaths, she lost all sanity and would’ve just rather died herself. But as the series rolls on, she starts to relax a little and becomes more sad than angry and soon comes to terms with the horrors of war and seeks to make it through her service.

Assuming she survives and returns to normal life, while of course she’d still retain her PTSD, let’s go through how she’d be otherwise. From what we see of her when she’s not fighting, Anett’s a real tough-as-nails kind of girl, don’t be fooled by her looks. She tends to be half-and-half between being very serious and being really light-hearted. It’s almost like she flips a switch between her military side and what probably was her original personality before being enlisted.

All right, here’s my call on Anett:


I don’t think Anett is so lost that I’d want to distance myself from her, however I also don’t know if I’d be able to deal with someone with PTSD on a daily basis, assuming she displays some of the symptoms. I think if you take the mental trauma away from Anett, you’ve got a fantastic girl, more than worthy of your attention. But since it’s there and lingering about, I’m not 100% sure I’d be able to deal with that. I’m a very emotional person, I can’t imagine how someone with a lot of mental trauma would affect my own emotions as well. But I think Anett’s still a girl I could hang around once in a while, as a friend. I think she’s worth that much, at least.

So that’s this week’s edition of Waifu, FWB, or One-Night Stand, hope you enjoyed it! Leave any comments you’ve got below, whether it’s your own choices between the three or maybe I’m missing something that could’ve turned the tide on my decision with any one of these girls.

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