Character Spotlight: Hifumi Takimoto


Tomorrow the Anime Spotlight will be shined on my favourite anime of the summer season this year, New Game!, but since the Character Spotlight comes first, let’s talk about my favourite girl from that show and my favourite girl of the entire season: Hifumi.

Hifumi is a part of game developer, Eagle Jump’s character design team. And what makes her so great is her shyness, her absolute fear of directly talking to people and even making eye contact with them. So while she puts in the work, the only way to communicate with her, at least without turning her face bright red and causing smoke to rise from her head, is to message her over the company’s instant messaging system, which she is shockingly light-hearted and lively when speaking on there, lots of emotes being used.


It’s when she’s at her shyest that Hifumi is at her best, I don’t know if there’s a character in anime that I’ve fallen in love with more due to her aversiveness and her immediate over-the-top reactions to being spoken too directly. Hell, the first time she smiles to main character Aoba, she tries to pay her off so she’ll forget what she saw. The pure ridiculousness of Hifumi’s shyness is what makes her so unique and so memorable, every moment she’s on screen, you take notice and you remember her, whether it’s her evasive nature, or her super adorability that you know she’s trying ever so hard to hide.

And then you mix that with her pet hedgehog, Soujirou and it just adds onto things. It’s so fitting that Hifumi’s pet is a cowardly hedgehog, who hides in a little cave in his cage whenever Hifumi tries to speak with him. They’re a match made in heaven. It’s when she talks about Soujirou though that we see a side of Hifumi she suppresses, where she’s very calm and sweet. But that’s not a side you’re going to see very often.


On top of her adorable personality, Hifumi is still designed to be an extremely attractive girl. Depending on what you’re into, Hifumi’s either at the top of your list when it comes to the most attractive girls on the show, or she’s damn near close. She dresses very cute, her normal outfit is very nice, but the skirt really adds a sexy edge to her. Then you take into account her cosplaying and she also has that nerdy sexy vibe to her, though at least from what we see in the show, she’s not cosplaying in skimpy outfits, she leans towards more badass looking cosplays.

But in terms of her body, she’s arguably designed to be the hottest girl on the show and that’s saying something when Kou basically has the gimmick of not wanting to ever wear pants. But Hifumi’s designed to be super cute in the face and then super hot in terms of her body. She’s got one of the largest busts on the show and she’s really the only “sexy” girl of the entire cast to be in the bathhouse scene of the show. Kou isn’t there, Rin isn’t there, it’s Hifumi, Hajime (who’s designed as a tomboy, regardless of her large bust) and Aoba and Yun, who are both smaller girls. So in actuality, the focus in that scene is solely on Hifumi when you really think about it.


As much as I loved girls like Kou, Rin, Umiko, Aoba and Hajime during the entire season of New Game!, Hifumi was the standout on that show and by a large margin, no one came close to her and that includes Kou, who I absolutely adore as well. That’s just how great a character Hifumi is, she’s impossible not to love. I can only hope more characters in future anime will follow her example, because as far as I see it, the best girl award at the end of the year is already decided and it may be a while before anyone takes Hifumi off her throne.

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