Character Spotlight: Ikta Solork


As you’ve probably noticed from the number of Character Spotlights I’ve done over this year, there’s almost zero male characters that get this treatment. That’s because well, let’s be honest…most male anime characters when it comes to the shows I enjoy watching, they’re dumb as fuck. They’re usually not that interesting.

Ikta from Alderamin on the Sky, however, he might just be one of the most interesting male characters I’ve seen in a long time!


Yes, there is total bias because this guy is an intelligent young man who is all for science and could care less about religion. I love the fact that for the first time that I can remember, there’s an openly atheist character in anime. If there’s more, let me know in the comments below, but I can’t think of any others off the top of my head! That’s crazy to me!

But it’s Ikta’s intelligence is what really separates him from so many characters. Generally speaking, most males are portrayed as badass warriors, guys capable of the largest kill counts. Ikta is a lazy piece of shit that wants to do the least amount of work possible and still win. How does he operate on the battlefield? He makes opponents go into certain places, he creates forest fires to prolong the battle, he does whatever it takes to do the least amount of work and create the least amount of deaths. As we see through this first season, we’re watching as he earns his moniker as “The Lazy General”.

For Ikta, everything is like a chess battle. His tactical prowess is incredible, guessing enemy movements, positioning his troops in unlikely places that even the brightest tacticians wouldn’t guess. Hell, he’s got a poker face like no other, he bluffs the fuck out of people at times!

But aside from his tactical ability, Ikta still can’t escape a classic trope for male characters:


Ikta is a giant womanizer. Of course he is. It doesn’t bother me, because I’m not easily offended, but it’s perplexing as to why someone so intelligent is still so candid about his sex life. You’d think with all that intelligence, he’d know when to keep his mouth shut once in a while. He makes no bones about it, he’s gotten himself in many beds over the years and yes, he slept with another girl’s mother that he talks to in the anime at one point. What a guy!

But in the end, that’s just filler space, the real Ikta we see is just a young male who didn’t want to be a military man, got dragged into it anyway and is doing everything in his power to avoid as much fighting as humanly possible. He’s a kind man, he wants the best for his soldiers. He doesn’t want them to die, he doesn’t want them to get seriously hurt, hell he doesn’t want them to risk their lives at all. He wants to find ways to win every battle without doing too much work and avoiding as many casualties and injuries as possible.

Not dying and not doing much work? Now that’s a guy I can get behind!

2 thoughts on “Character Spotlight: Ikta Solork”

  1. Nice choice of character. Ikta did feel a little bit different from our usual kind of protagonist. I really liked that he never denied the situation he was in, even as he would look at the best way to realistically resolve situations without doing much work. While his being a womanizer didn’t bother me all that much I kind of wish they’d found a different character quirk to break up his more serious nature.
    Thanks for sharing.


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