Saturday Morning Rant: When Did Halloween Become Uncool?!


I can remember being a kid back in the 90s on Halloween pretty vividly. I remember going to my grandmother’s place as a central hub, since we lived in the countryside and there ain’t much game for trick or treating out there. I remember sometimes taking two laps around the neighbourhood and walking home with a full pillow case full of candy, chips, chocolate and the occasional apple, because someone has to be the asshole. While walking around the neighbourhood trick or treating, I also remember seeing legions of kids walking around, hitting the same houses I did. Every year was awesome, no matter how cold it was, no matter the weather, I was out there. Cause I wanted free candy, bitches!!!

Fast forward to today. I live in a residential area and around two major elementary schools. I see kids walking all over the area every single day, ranging from little kids to kids just about ready to head onto high school.

This year I hit a record for kids. That number was only around 65. There is no fucking way I’d get anything in the double digits, let alone only 65 back when I was a kid. I’d be lucky if the number was 150! Hell, no kid in any of the three years I’ve been at this place even tried to do a lap around the neighbourhood and hit me twice!

The past couple years, I’ll give the kids some rope. It was raining for the last two years here, so y’know what? I’ll give you that. I think your parents are pussies for not letting you out (cause that’s probably what’s going on), but I’ll give you a little leeway. But seriously! What the hell happened to all the kids trick or treating on Halloween night?!

I’ve heard people say that it could be due to how more diverse we are, but I really struggle to think that makes a huge difference. I mean, you tell a kid that there’s a day every year where you get to dress up like anything you want and you can go outside and get free candy. FREE CANDY!!! Yeah, I’d want in too.

I honestly can’t put my finger on what’s changed. I feel like less kids are trick or treating and on top of that, kids are stopping earlier than ever before. My little brother (who’s 24 now) wanted to stop at 12. I figured out real quick some “cool kid” at school was saying he wasn’t going anymore, so he was trying to follow the leader. It makes me wonder how this attitude started in the first place, who or what is making kids think that dressing up like Batman and getting a month’s supply of candy, chips and chocolate is a bad thing?!

All I know is that if I ever learn who started this trend of not participating in Halloween, I want to punch them really hard. In the mouth. Like knocking their teeth out. So I can replace them with gummy teeth.

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