One Year at Radical Rants!


It’s crazy to me looking back on the first few articles I wrote on the blog, now that we’re a year through here on the Radical Rant blog page. The amount of randomness for one thing is extremely noticeable when you look at November 2015 on the page. I talked about professional wrestling, harem anime, Remembrance Day, hockey, Black Friday, mainstream music and of course, sexual content in gaming and anime. That’s in the course of one month!

When I first made the blog, I didn’t really have an intent on doing anything specifically. I was just in a state of boredom at that point, Destiny was winding down a little bit, having been a couple months removed from the fantastic The Taken King expansion, there really wasn’t much in terms of sports for me to watch, wrestling was still on a rocky surface with me, there just wasn’t anything devoting my full attention to it, so I was in dire need of something to do. So when Seth Rollins got seriously injured, sending the entire WWE into absolute panic and chaos, I had the perfect thing I needed to vent about. That was article number one. Then Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry was in full swing and had a harem anime developing a loving relationship quickly, another amazing thing to talk about. Then two days later, Remembrance Day came around, so I talked about a life without worrying about going to war. And then just more subject kept coming to mind, so I kept writing.

I never really intended to go in the direction that I ended up heading in, as in my constant battle with the societal acceptance and hopefully eventual ability to openly speak about sexuality and sexual content in various forms of media, though in particular my concentration being within anime and video games. I didn’t think I was going to spend a full year fighting on the side for the content, I didn’t think I’d be posting articles about underwear, about hentai, about censorship. If you told me that I was going to openly talk about the underwear I wear, about my very specific, odd sexual orientation, I’d have called you crazy. But after a week of posting mostly wrestling articles, something changed in my mindset.


I don’t know what specifically triggered the idea of a Top 10 about fictional characters I’d sleep with. The best answer I can come up with is simply that after a week of writing more serious, rant-like material and seeing literally no viewership, I decided to just drop any care in the world to what I posted and dove head-first into whatever was on my mind at the time. Now granted, what was I expecting after only a week of posting on an unknown blog? Regardless though, I’ve also podcasted for a while, did YouTube for a while and I tried to be a lot like the stuff you listen to and watch. I think here, I just thought that I should stop trying to be like something else and just be myself, whether those who found my content would like the real me or not.

Thankfully, a year later, I’m averaging between 2,500 and 3,000 views a month, so it’s safe to say that at the very least…not everyone hates it!

Now as most things grow older, the status quo eventually has to change. If I do the same thing forever, it will grow stale and you’ll stop caring about the content and I obviously don’t want that. So you’ll have noticed that last week, there was a bunch of missing articles that normally show up every week. Specifically, the Game, Character and Anime Spotlights. The Top 10s haven’t been showing up lately either, but that’s been due to just not having time on the weekends to get them done like I normally do, they’ll still be around in the future. But the Spotlights from here on out are going the way of the dodo, at least for a while.

Why? It’s actually pretty simple for me. The blog for me was meant as a fun thing to do on the side. I told myself that if it ever started to become work, I’d stop doing it. And that’s what the Spotlights have become. Work. In the early going, I had a list of stuff I really wanted to talk about and gush about. Now, I’m hitting a bunch of snags, I used to be able to think of a month’s worth of these articles with incredible ease. Now? I sit there for a good 5-10 minutes thinking of what to do for a single week. Then when I go to write them, I’m not enthusiastic about it, I’m not writing a whole lot about these games, characters and shows I’m supposed to be really into. I’m just not enjoying the articles, thus they became work to me, thus I’ve decided to stop doing them for the time being. Especially the anime ones, I was running out of shows like nobody’s business!


So as you saw by the first new random article after the Spotlights stopped (the Why Wear Pants? article), the amount of weeklies has been lessened, so I’m not feeling like I’m forcing myself to write articles every day. I honestly did that in the beginning to keep myself committed to the blog initially, I wanted to prove to myself that I could keep up with this sort of thing, as I have a tendency to get bored of things really easily. But now that I’ve shown that I care enough about this page to keep it running for a full year now, I think it’s safe to spread articles out and bog myself down less with weekly articles and allow myself a little more freedom to write whatever I want to.

I’m keeping the “Waifu, FWB or One-Night Stand” articles on Tuesdays, those aren’t leaving. I’ve got at least 300 names still on the list, that ain’t running out anytime soon! The Saturday Morning Rants will continue to be a thing whenever I’ve got something outside of gaming, anime and sexuality that I want to talk about. The Top 10s won’t necessarily be a weekly thing, like I said, sometimes I don’t get around to them, or some weeks I literally just can’t think of one to do. Writer’s block happens once in a while, y’know! But other than those three days (Tuesdays, Saturdays, Sundays), anything else will be articles that I write off the top of my head, nothing is planned. It may be in response to something I see, something in the news, maybe it’s just something real personal to all of you lovelies out there. After all, how much fun is it writing about underwear and not wearing pants? A lot, actually.

I’ve also got some plans in the works that may or may not come to fruition in the new year. I am still trying to put together a couple of friends together to do a nerd culture podcast, we just can’t seem to book a day to get it started. I want to make more videos, but my current setup makes it difficult, so when I should be moved into my own apartment in the spring, I should be able to have more opportunities to do so when I’m not sharing a space with anyone else. Lastly, I’m talking with some other online personalities into working together on a project and that probably won’t start until the new year. So there’s a bunch of things in my head that I want to do, it’s just a matter of fitting them in with what I’m already doing.


So with all that being said, I want to leave by saying thank you. Thank you for viewing my content, whether it’s shitty or just kinda shitty. I especially want to thank a few people who’ve been hanging around here for a while now. Why they’re still here, I have no idea, I guess their masochists or some shit, I dunno…

So thanks to the following peeps:

  • Anime_Girls_NYC – I’m pretty sure we could talk about ERASED forever if we wanted to.
  • Arria Cross (aka Fujinsei) – Owner of my favourite comment thus far, because someone had to enjoy my Top 10 Sexy Boys post!
  • CC – Gets extra props for wanting to try out Infinite Stratos, the best anime ever.
  • Karandi – Who posts way too many comments on here. I fear for your well-being. You read too much of my stuff.
  • p2d2 – Just for having a rational conversation with me on my Swimwear vs Underwear article, the first article I was sure I’d piss someone off with
  • YahariBento – I really appreciated the Liebster nomination. We need to chat more too, by the way.

Here’s to a year of Radical Ranting and here’s to another year of sexy and thought-provoking content. Yes, those two things can be mixed together. And it’s awesome!

2 thoughts on “One Year at Radical Rants!”

  1. I read too much stuff period but I quite enjoy your posts. Congrats on the one year mark. I’m still quite a few months off that but it’s the next big landmark that I’m looking forward to with my blog. Looking forward to seeing your future posts.


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