President Donald Trump: How Could This Happen?!


It’s 5:55pm right now as I start this, I have to leave the house in about, oh…45 minutes and will be gone the rest of the night. I’ve gotta get something out about last night’s election, so instead of waiting too long to produce something, I’m going to quickly brush over what I saw over the course of eight hours last night. I may do a much larger post another time when I’m able to have the time to properly write it, but as of right now, it’s bullet time!


  • First of all, let me just say that I’m Canadian, so I couldn’t vote. I also did not have a side picked out between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, I thought both were terrible candidates. So please don’t say I’m being biased with what I say.


  • To start this off, I have to level with everyone. I am absolutely pissed off that we’re thinking this election was a racial event. Hearing Van Jones on CNN call the result a “white lash” pissed me off more than anything I have heard since writing on this page. If you truly believe that Donald Trump is now President of the United States of America solely because the racists came out and voted, then I’m sorry, but you’re lost.
  • The election was not won because the racists came out to vote, the election was lost because the “non-racists” didn’t come out to vote for Clinton when they were needed. 46.9% of eligible Americans did not vote, I am convinced that if that number went down to 45%, that alone probably would’ve been enough Clinton votes to change the tide of things. I truly believe that the primary reason for why Clinton lost was an apathetic voting crowd in terms of the Democratic party.
  • Donald Trump won because he convinced the majority of people who would vote for him to get off their asses and fucking vote! Hillary Clinton lost because being such a terrible candidate made most Democratic voters sit on their hands, abstaining from voting.


  • If anything, the Democratic party needs to be held responsible for why this happened. They put Hillary Clinton in, don’t kid yourself, she wasn’t “voted” in, the vast number of superdelegates and the media coverage demanding you believe she was the best Democratic candidate thrusted her through the primaries.
  • I truly believe that Bernie Sanders would’ve not only won the election if he was the chosen candidate for the Democratic party, he would’ve won in a landslide.
  • In the end, the Democratic party dug their own grave by pushing their guy into the election and playing the game like a spoiled rich kid. They believed that no matter what, they would win, they would get what they wanted.
  • In fact, according to WikiLeaks, the Democratic party pushed the media to keep Donald Trump relevant because they viewed him as the best contender for a Hillary victory. They felt Cruz, Rubio, Kasich would be a challenge.


  • The biggest problem I had last night was the media coverage, specifically CNN and MSNBC who essentially refused to call states that Trump was going to win for hours. I watched the entire election through the Drunken Peasants and they called Florida over an hour before CNN and called Trump winning at around midnight ET and it took until around 2:45am for CNN to announce it and it was only because Trump was speaking and referring to Clinton calling him to concede.
  • I am well aware that Fox News and other Republican-based news networks would’ve done the same thing, but I expect better out of CNN and MSNBC. I know Fox News are fucking insane and extremely unprofessional, I was not aware CNN and MSNBC were as well until last night.
  • Also, I put part of the blame on the result of the election on Democrat-based networks. They spent the past year telling you over and over and over and over and over and over again that Hillary would win, Trump will lose, it’s impossible for any other result. I think that may have actually convinced a lot of people who would’ve voted for Hillary otherwise to just sit on their hands.


  • At the end of the day, Trump won because he got his voters to turn out. Hillary lost because A, she wasn’t the correct candidate and B, I think they all played in cruise control, assuming the election was more than in their favour.
  • Do I think Trump will destroy America? No, of course not. I don’t think he’ll be great either however. Honestly? I think he’ll do nothing and four years later we’ll be electing Michelle Obama president. I’m only half-joking here.
  • I understand everyone’s fear, I truly do. But the usual racist, sexist white male bullshit needs to stop. Of course black people voted majority Clinton, what reason do you have to vote Trump? By why is it racist for white people to vote Trump when he hasn’t said much to piss us off? In my opinion, it’s a 50/50 toss up between Trump and Clinton. For minorities, of course that percentage weighs in Clinton’s favour, she didn’t spend a year pissing those races off!


I will admit though, watching the amount of salt on Twitter since around midnight last night has been such a glorious thing to watch.

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