I Really, Really, REALLY Hate Winter!


So the first bit of snow fell last night. It didn’t last, as the temperatures rose the following day. But I had to drive that night for a co-ed hockey game and watching as there’s basically no snow on the ground except for a little white trim on the edges, people continue to do the same thing they do every year when the first snowfall hits: they drive like a bunch of fucking morons, as if they’ve never driven in the winter before.

That’s one of the many reasons why winter is without hesitation my least favourite season of the year. The major reason is what I just said, people turn off half their brains once snow hits the ground, both in terms of drivers and pedestrians. Statistically, this doesn’t hold up actually though, as fewer deaths from car accidents happen in the colder months, but granted that’s also because in spring and summer, people feel they have to be less careful on the road because the road doesn’t get slick when it’s beach weather. However, it doesn’t change the fact that people are still very dangerous as well in the winter time, pedestrians try to cross major streets the same way they always do, not taking into account stopping distances now start to increase because of ice, not to mention they can slip and fall during the crossing. But the most irritating thing is when you see drivers going extremely slow on the roads. Now I’m not talking the going 10 km/h slower kind of drivers, I’m talking the ones going half the speed limit when there’s no snow on the road and there isn’t ice either, they’re just freaking out because they see white on the sidewalks.

I absolutely understand the desire to be a little more careful, it’s winter, it’s colder and slippery outside. But just like there’s a risk when being careless, there is a risk when being too careful. When we drive on the road, the speed limit is what we assume people are going, what could happen when someone is going half that and we don’t notice how fast the rear end of their car is coming up? We’ll brake a little harder than usual and if the road’s a little slick, that’s when your well-being is in the hands of Lady Luck. In fact, I think by being too careful, you may not even be endangering your own life that much, you might just be endangering someone else’s though.

from The Shining (1980)

Now aside from the dangers, I’ll just admit it. Winter’s bullshit cause I hate the cold. I would far prefer sweating my ass off in the dead of summer than shivering in my car on the way to work in the morning. I’ve always said to people that summer is so much more manageable than winter. If you’re super hot, you can drink cold drinks, jump in a pool, hell even stepping into air conditioning and you feel better already. When you’re freezing, sure you’ve layered up, but once you’re freezing cold, you’ve got a wait on your hands before you warm up. You wouldn’t jump in a hot tub right away, most people wait a minute or so before drinking a hot cup of coffee, cause y’know the whole burning thing and when you go inside a warm place, you don’t feel warm instantly, you essentially thaw out and shiver a little bit more before your body adjusts.

And lastly, unless you’re the kind of person who loves to ski, snowboard, skate, sled or any other s-named winter activity (which I’m not), winter makes you want to do less. When are most people likely to want to go out: on a sunny day at 20-degrees (Celsius), or when it’s -20 and snowing? I’ll tell you how I feel about it, when it’s cold and especially when it’s also snowing, the chances of me leaving my house decrease exponentially. Why would I want to leave my nice, warm and comfy house to go outside and be extra careful when driving and freezing my ass off? Doesn’t really suit me, y’know?

So yeah, winter sucks. Now that the first bit of snow fell, my depression begins.

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