Saturday Morning Rant: Really?! The Philippines?!


This isn’t really a usual rant per se, but something I just wanted to vent about regardless.

So today I signed into my bank’s website as I knew I get paid on this day through direct deposit and I wanted to see how much was in my account. I looked at my accounts, including my credit card and I noticed the value on my card being a little higher than when I remembered last looking at it. I knew I hadn’t spent that much and certainly not enough to have an interest charge remotely that large, so I opened the account…and apparently I spent a nice sum of money in the Philippines.

I didn’t really panic, as much as I wanted to. So I went through the usual motions, I called up my bank, got things escalated up to the security department and hopefully in the next few weeks after they investigate and discover that I certainly wasn’t in the Philippines four days ago (I haven’t even left the province in over 15 years, let alone the country), nor was I spending money there.

But it is a wake-up call and a reminder that even in 2016, with all the “security” we have in this day and age, there’s always someone who is able to find a way to crack said security and take advantage of any random person in the world. I’m well aware that I wasn’t chosen specifically, I was a random passerby that somehow got not just their credit card number stolen, but this person actually successfully replicated my card somehow. I’ll admit, I’m impressed.

I will always be bothered however by how the majority of people this appears to happen to are the common folk, the people who really need the money. Now I’m not saying all the super rich aren’t ever having their funds compromised, but at least if someone takes a few bucks out of their pocket, they can replenish that. Me? If that sum of money that got “spent” over 10,000 miles away from me is not taken off my card, I’m in a bit of a bind.

So to whoever managed to replicate my card: Impressive…but also fuck you. And remember folks to always be aware of anything and everything when it comes to things like credit cards, online spending, all that jazz. Always be vigilant, always be careful.

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