Top 10 Sexiest Final Fantasy Girls

So in response to Maxim’s own shitty list (here), I’m naturally making my own list, one that is accurate, involves more than just two games (for 80% of their list) and actually is a decent representation of the ten girls in the history of Final Fantasy that fans of the series can actually agree with. The order may not necessarily be correct, since this is still going off my own personal tastes, but I’d like to think the ten I list most people will not take issue with, unlike Maxim’s list.

And also, because I love to go the extra mile, I’ll also sexy up the pictures better than Maxim ever could too!

So without further to do, let’s get to it!


I don’t care what anyone says about Yuffie, I think she’s a great character in the Final Fantasy series, there are just apparently a lot of people back then who didn’t understand Japan’s fascination with small, peppy female characters. Yuffie’s eccentricity aside, she is a gorgeous girl, showing that you don’t need massive boobs to be a real beauty in the Final Fantasy series. Because she makes up for it completely with her butt in those short shorts. All three main outfits of her are really good, the original game, Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus, she’s a real cutie in all of them. Also, it’s understated, but girls with short hair are really hot to me.


Speaking of a cute short-haired small girl with not-so large breasts, here’s my Final Fantasy waifu, Rikku! On this list however, #9 is as far as she goes, due to the nature of the list. But that doesn’t take away just how hot she is. While I still prefer her FFX outfit the best, it’s granted that her FFX-2 main Thief outfit with the bikini and mini-skirt is definitely the sexy version of her, though I still don’t understand why in the hot springs secret scene, she doesn’t just slide her skirt off and jump in with the bikini she’s already wearing, she puts on an entirely different swimsuit! She’s also very sexy in some of the other Dresspheres throughout the game, including Lady Luck, Warrior and Berserker. See? Sometimes good things do come in smaller packages.


While due to the pre-3D era of games she doesn’t get so much attention, there really is a lot of beauty to behold with Celes from FFVI. Especially when her battle attire, at least from what the majority of art tells us, is essentially a one-piece swimsuit and a cape. And oh boy does it appear like she fills that out. Can you imagine Celes in a present-day remastering of FFVI? She would be absolutely stunning, not to mention there’s also the Opera House to consider as well, when she’s really prettied up for her masterful performance. Hidden potential here with Celes that we may never see.


While I really didn’t get into FFXII that much, there was certainly a beautiful female cast to marvel at throughout the game. Ashe is certainly one of them, already getting an unfair advantage being portrayed as the stunning Princess of Dalmasca and then they give her that tight as hell looking pink mini-skirt that’s just asking every gamer who’s attracted to women immediately start thinking about what a slight tilt of the camera would reveal if it’d let us see. She’s extremely beautiful, probably more stunning than sexy, but with a body like she has, it’s hard not to notice her regardless.


It’s funny, because if you asked me maybe even just a few years ago, I wouldn’t have even considered Lulu one bit. I was completely unattracted to her when I was a teenager playing the game, because to me I thought she looked like she was in her early 30s and to the average teenager, that’s a “gross” age. Now I’m 28 and holy shit has my mind changed since those days. Granted, there’s still a few things I’m not so hot about, particularly her makeup, she looks a little too slutty goth to me. But at this point, when as a teenager her body did nothing for me, fast forward to today and I think she’s one of the sexiest women in the entire series now. Just goes to show you what a few years can do.


If there’s any character that fan art has really done wonders for over the years, it’s FFIV’s Rydia. Now granted when the game got a bit of a remastering, better official art also came out for the older version of Rydia, but it’s really the fan-drawn anime art that has really gotten Rydia over through the years. What helps is how unique she is, at this point the only other girl in the entire franchise I can come up with who also has green hair, is Terra from FFVI. So take that unique look and then add the absolutely perfect body she has as well and you get a legendary sexy girl in the Final Fantasy series.


This is the only real biased pick I have right now on this list and yes, it’s due to me currently playing Final Fantasy XV as I’m writing this. But I don’t really care, you tell me what’s not sexy about Cidney and yes, I’m aware in the game she’s called Cindy, but I don’t care, I like how we initially called her Cidney when we first saw her and it’s just kind of stuck with me. She’s a hot Southern-accented girl with an open jacket and daisy dukes that both reveal her pink swimsuit underneath. I think someone was watching the new Dukes of Hazzard with Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke. She’s got a sexy accent, a sexy outfit, a sexy body, what more do you want. Well…aside from her being real and needing someone to join her in the shower…


Once again, while FFXII to me is so forgettable, when it comes to any female character in the entire series that isn’t forgettable, it’s “Sexy Chewbacca” aka Fran. You wanna talk unique, let’s talk about her being the only dark-skinned playable female character in a major Final Fantasy title (since there’s the other Viera in the Tactics games). I don’t know what it is, but if you give me a female character with dark skin and silver hair, I’m beyond sold, she’s on the list immediately. And if that wasn’t enough, her outfit is basically demanding that you stare at her forever and ever…and ever…and ever…and holy fucking shit, I don’t want to stop staring!!!


This is solely directed at the FFX-2 version. As far as I’m concerned, FFX Yuna doesn’t exist, she’s boring and unattractive. The sequel version however features a Yuna that has broken free of her religious summoner shackles and has become a free-spirited woman. Now that could’ve resulted in many different costume changes, but of all things, she picked a top with a ton of open cleavage and the shortest of short shorts I’ve ever seen in a video game that wasn’t carrying an M-rating! And she’s got the perfect body to boot, along with those sexy boots too! And then if my heart wasn’t fluttering enough, her bikini in the hot springs scene is so perfect. Holy hell, imagining that in FFXV-level graphics…I might faint from the overwhelming shock of how hot she’d look.


While I’d love to give Yuna or Fran the #1 spot, I just can’t in any state of mind not give the spot to the Queen of Final Fantasy, Tifa Lockhart. I don’t even like her that much, but ever since her 1997 appearance, she has become the series’ sex idol through endless pages of fan art (where her boobs also get bigger and bigger every time) and rightly so. There really isn’t a girl in the series that has garnered so much attention from female-attracted gamers and hell even just anime and 3D art lovers alike. Granted there’s Lightning, but she’s a bitch, so no one cares. Tifa on the other hand, is a cool girl and has no problem flaunting herself too, so there’s extra cool points. If there was one thing I’d change about her though, I would’ve just given her short shorts instead of the skirt, because back then with the graphics the game was pumping out, a mini-skirt just looked kinda weird, even in the game’s CG cutscenes. But regardless, there’s no one more known for being one hell of a sexy girl in the Final Fantasy series and the fact that Maxim didn’t even include her on the list is quite frankly one of the biggest blunders on any Top 10 list I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a lot of WatchMojo’s shit!

So that’s the list, everyone! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! Don’t forget to put your own lists in the comments below and share the list to anyone and everyone who enjoys the series. Also, send them the Maxim list too, it’s so ridiculous!

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