Waifu, FWB or One-Night Stand? #32

It’s week #32 of Waifu, Friend With Benefits or One-Night Stand!

For those new to the article, this is not a post that talks about the “fuckability” of three randomly selected female characters from various anime and video games. I’m already attracted to them, it’s to be implied that I would share a bed with them already. What this article is meant to do, is go through their personalities, interests, anything pertinent to answering the question if they’re a one-time only, a friend that I might accept the occasional booty call from, or someone I would absolutely spend the rest of my life with.

So without further to do, let’s meet this week’s contestants!


Kicking off this week is the androphobic punch trigger-happy girl from the Working!!! series, Mahiru Inami. For those unknown to her, androphobia is the fear of men, however this isn’t a naturally caused phobia, in fact the backstory behind it is truly ridiculous. Her father for whatever reason, thought it’d be good for her to have an innate fear of men (either he didn’t want her falling in love, or wanted her to become a lesbian), so throughout her childhood he made sure the only villains she ever saw in any fictional media were male, constantly telling her about how men are dangerous, anything to scare her.

The other unique part of her is that as a child, her father also put weights in her belongings to build her strength. This girl, despite her thin looks packs a punch more than capable of damaging property without a whole lot of effort, she’s crazy strong. Mixing that with her fear, she’s extremely trigger-happy with her fists, the protagonist of the show often getting punched just because he’s within a certain distance of her, intentionally there or not.

But as the show carries on, we see that Mahiru is more than aware that her phobia isn’t healthy and that men aren’t actually all that bad, the problem is her instincts pretty much won’t stop activating on her, it’s like the punch is a reflex more than anything else. But if she didn’t have her phobia, she’s actually a very shy, innocent and easily flustered girl whenever it comes to romanticism. By the time she realizes she’s romantically interested in Takanashi, if he gets too close and does anything to make her blush, she will often faint. By the end of the series, while she isn’t fully comfortable with all men, she’s at least resisted the urge to punch anyone and is now working towards that, while fully able to be around Takanashi.

So here’s my call on Mahiru:


Here’s a weird case where I’m forced into a tier, rather than being able to properly put her in the spot I want to. So here’s the problem I have, I’m not interested in her enough to put her in the Waifu tier, because the work I’d have to go through to get to that point is insane, I’m not taking that many punches. The problem is by that logic, a One-Night Stand wouldn’t be possible either, because how the hell do you get to that point with her and not be a close friend to her? So by that logic, she has to be in the middle-tier. She is a nice girl after the whole punching thing, for me though to get into the Waifu tier she has to be a perfect match personality-wise and I don’t think we’re remotely close to a perfect match.


One of the trio of delivery girls we see a lot throughout the Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, Saaya is easily the most well-endowed of the trio and yet the most reserved. While Amy takes a starring role and Melty is very peppy and talkative, Saaya is a very shy girl and very reserved, albeit as long as she’s not belly dancing in a skimpy outfit (because y’know, anime).

She is however very aware about her appearance, especially with how out of all the younger girls, she’s definitely the one with the most to look at (though Bellows diverts a lot of that attention to herself) and also is very open with her body in conversation with her friends. She talks about wanting to work on herself a little more, trying to reduce a little more of her body fat (since this show doesn’t shy away from adding a few extra pounds to their female characters) and making herself even better. It’s hard to say if this is just a personal goal, or if she’s tied down to the idea of needing to be a skinny girl to be attractive, but since she is aware of her appearance, you can argue that she just wants to be a few pounds lighter, that’s it.

So here’s my call on Saaya:


There’s not quite enough with Saaya that I’ve seen that makes me want to take her to the top tier, but there’s certainly nothing to discourage me away from her. Despite her appearance, she still flies under the radar and in anime having the largest breasts on the show and flying under the radar is not an easy task. She’s very reserved, but when comfortable is happy to talk a little bit and seems like a really nice girl.


I’ve only watched a little bit of the Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica series, but since this gorgeous redhead has been in my eyes for so long (because the art of her is just so damn good), I’ll do my best to make a strong judgment on her.

Corticarte is an Elder Spirit that makes a pact with the protagonist due to her intrigue with his beautiful singing voice. She has two different forms, her actual spirit form being that of a very busty older woman, while she often takes the form of a girl in her teens with obviously a smaller body type. She spends the majority of her time in this younger form and is a very self-centered and jealous girl, often getting mad when the protagonist hangs around with other girls, in particular the Yugiri sisters (which I don’t blame him for hanging out with them, holy shit!), who spend a lot of time around him.

She also displays a bit of a tsundere attitude as well, as she is very attracted to the protagonist, it just appears she’s not a fan of the harem male character trope where he’s so dense that he doesn’t notice how he’s “hurting” other girls’ feelings by hanging around a lot with other girls.

So let’s end this week’s edition and make my call on Corticarte:


A FWB sweep this week, I will admit however that from what I have seen of Corticarte that she probably belongs in the One-Night Stand tier, because for the majority of the episodes I’ve watched of the show, her personality is awful. Here’s the problem and where I get a little selfish. By dating or at least keeping Corticarte sexually interested in me, I get two girls for the price of one, given her transformation ability. If you’d asked me back in my teenage years, I wouldn’t have been as interested in her because her older form wouldn’t be attractive to me, but now that I’m older, you’ll hear zero complaints from me!

So that’s this week’s edition of Waifu, FWB, or One-Night Stand, hope you enjoyed it! Leave any comments you’ve got below, whether it’s your own choices between the three or maybe I’m missing something that could’ve turned the tide on my decision with any one of these girls.

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