Saturday Morning Rant: Not Every Story Is A Big Deal

I’ll make this short because I don’t know why I have to explain this in the year 2016.

This is a legitimate news story. A 9 year-old kid in North Carolina sat on Santa’s lap and was told to lay off the hamburgers and fries because he’s a chubby kid. Now I’m not saying the mall Santa wasn’t a dickhead and I’m not saying this kind of behaviour is okay, but explain to me why the fuck a story like this has to make the fucking news not just in the town/city, not just the state, but all over the fucking world!!!

It’s a common sight we see nowadays, these tiny insignificant stories that at best should be on the local news in the town or city it takes place in and yet the have nationwide outreach, sometimes even worldwide outreach. It’s like how on the news based in Toronto, Canada, we’re told a story about a building fire somewhere in the States. Why the fuck does that carry any weight where I’m from, hell I give almost zero fucks when a fire is in a city ten minutes away from me.

We currently live in this weird generation where everything is magnified and the volume is turned up to 11. The tiniest insult becomes a hate crime, whether racist or sexist. Everything now is capable of offending the entire world, everything now threatens our livelihoods, everything now could kill us at any moment. What the fucking fuck, people?! Are we so devoid of conflict that we are now making up random shit to scare us, worry us and make us feel like we could be fucked at any given moment?! Part of me wonders if people are praying Trump starts World War 3, just so we can get this all out of our systems.

A mall Santa insulting a fat kid isn’t news folks. Stop it. Just fucking stop it. Holy fucking shit is the human race fucked…

One thought on “Saturday Morning Rant: Not Every Story Is A Big Deal”

  1. I love that telling someone something that can be perceived as negative is wrong in the first place. Giving someone dietry advice, depending on how it is done, could be perceived as perfectly helpful if you chose not to be defensive and alarmist about things.
    This is why so many people don’t pay attention to the news and why so many actual news stories get buried in amongst the clutter.


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