Top 10 Anime I’ll Show My Friends (To Break Them)

If you’re an avid watcher of anime, you know at least a couple of shows that if you showed them to a friend of yours that has never watched anime before or mostly just the basic stuff, this would either break them or really throw them off. I love doing this to my friends who are either not anime watchers or don’t watch nearly as much as I do. So this is my top 10 personal list for shows I would show to people to make them stare and the screen blankly until it’s over and reply with “…The fuck?!”.

Out of all the Top 10s I’ve done so far, this has actually been the hardest to form. I had to snub at least 10 more shows that I totally would’ve put on this list, but only 10 can fit, so c’est la vie!


This is the least harmful of any of the shows listed, but when showing unsuspecting non-anime viewers this show, the reactions I get are hysterical. The idea of an anime centered around the single topic of cats in bananas is hilarious enough and so Japan, but in actual production, the show is just so perfect to just throw on people. Though for a lot of people who came across this weird gem, they’ve actually really loved it, despite clearly being meant for kids. It’s so ridiculous and cute, you can’t help but like it!


I prefer to play the dub of this show, because it really makes the show come off like a super perverse Adult Swim/Toonami kind of show where it’s about two sexy fallen angels who either take off their socks or panties to use as weapons against demons while shouting expletives left and right. While the show is still very enjoyable, those who aren’t fully prepared for the show’s wackiness and downright perverted nature will be caught way off guard but Panty and Stocking’s antics. And I’ll enjoy their reactions all the way through.


While I’m aware of other Trigger shows like Kill la Kill and Gurren Lagann, I haven’t actually watched much of those shows, while I have actually finished Luluco. It helps as well that the show is a shorter-length anime, so the insanity of the show is multiplied as well, since there’s no time for breaks in between. Whether it’s freezing her father and dropping him and breaking him into pieces or Over Justice…just Over Justice, the show is full of pure insanity and ridiculousness, sure to put off all your friends who aren’t used to Trigger’s craziness.


The show is about a guy who ends up being killed by a serial killer, resurrected by a necromancer and then as a zombie manages to take the powers of a magical girl, so he now fights as a crossdressing boy with a chainsaw. How is that not going to throw somebody off?! While I haven’t quite finished the show, the first half of this anime that I have watched are chalk full of moments and characters that will make any unsuspecting viewer widen their eyes and question everything they’ve ever known up until that very moment. It’s so damn funny.


A Dragon Ball Z level of show with a premise that instead of kicks, punches and energy blasts, the battle is fought by an all-female cast with just their butts and boobs. Yeah…that won’t put anyone in “WTF?!” mode. It’s crazy to me, because I thought this show was going to be so bad and it’s actually ended up being one of my favourite anime this current season. But I know very well that showing this to anyone not used to anime insanity, they will be beyond lost to what they’re watching. Hopefully it’s entertaining enough that I can keep these friends.


It’s so crazy it breaks me at times. It’s about four girls in a tennis club that don’t really play a lot of tennis. Instead it’s three minutes of lightning-fast jokes, storylines and dialogue that if you blink, you’ll miss something. One second everything seems normal, the next someone’s dead or panties are on someone’s head. There’s no warning and no way to prepare. I managed to break one of my friends who is a bigger anime watcher than me and is used to crazy Japanese shit. Even this was too much for her. I felt a sense of victory that day.


As if peanut butter tentacle rape isn’t enough, the constant stream of what looks like a Dragon Ball Z-esque cooking anime where the food is so good, clothes burst off of people and they moan and groan like they’ve just gone through an day-long orgy. The show is actually really good, but holy hell when you least expect it you get some of the strangest and wackiest moments you’ll ever see. And they don’t limit this to the girls, there’s a guy who refuses to wear clothes other than an apron the entire time. It’s good for everyone! Butts for all!


An ecchi harem anime where the traditional female cast are replaced by monster girls? Yep, that’s gonna turn a few heads! I could tell you about how the comedy and over-sexualized nature of the show could completely throw your friends off, but I think Centorea and Rachnera alone are more than enough to completely throw anyone off the first time they lay eyes on them. I know there’s also Miia and others, but a hot big-breasted girl having their lower halves replaced by either a horse’s body or a spider’s body, that really messed me up for a while until I realized just how funny and entertaining the show actually is.


A show where the concept of dirty jokes don’t exist? Blasphemy! Then you turn on that first episode, get exposed to more dirty jokes and sexual innuendo than you can shake a dick–I mean stick at, and you’ve got an anime that is so entertaining and weird that most people that watch the show will leave that first episode going “I don’t know what the fuck I just watched…but I love it!”. The show completely breaks so many norms and does it while being one of the funniest, most cleverly written shows I’ve ever seen.


This is THE show I will put on when I want to go in the direction of an anime that will leave everyone watching completely lost in the abyss. It’s for multiple reasons, the show takes what seems like a normal setting and turns it on its head, the animation is so crazy and insane at times that you don’t know what you’re watching anymore, the story is so weird and non-sensical that you don’t have a moment to sit down and deliberate what the hell is going on and then of course when you put on the English dub like I do, the voice acting (especially Haruka) is just so fantastic at positioning the anime in a place of pure insanity that there’s no turning back the second that show starts and turns up the volume. And with it being so short, you can actually finish the entire show in one sitting, just to really run your friends into the ground. But for a single episode, this show does the job and does it damn well!

Thanks for reading this week’s Top 10, hope you enjoyed it! Don’t forget to comment below and put your own favourite weird shows that you would put on a list like this!

5 thoughts on “Top 10 Anime I’ll Show My Friends (To Break Them)”

  1. I think the list contains the “wtf” animes that I’m aware of XD
    Wouldn’t Serial Experiments Lain also fit within the list? I haven’t watched it personally but from what I’ve heard about it, it’s a mental bender hahaha


  2. I’d probably add Cute High Earth Defence Club to this list given if you don’t get that it is supposed to be a parody (which if you don’t watch a lot of anime you won’t) then it is just full of ‘what the’ moments.


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