Tracer: Her Butt Is For Girls Only


That butt’s not for us, guys.

So in a recently release comic for Overwatch entitled “Reflections“, Blizzard revealed to us that the cast of colourful and lively characters in the Overwatch universe has a character that prefers those of the same sex. While rushing to try and get a Christmas present for someone, she’s gifted with a present that ends up being the green scarf she was looking to get for this person in question. This person is a red-haired girl she appears to live with, named Emily. And upon discovering the present (which Tracer didn’t know what it was), she opens it up and finds the green scarf that Tracer was trying to buy for her. So in thanks, she leans over and plants a very tender, loving kiss on the lips of the tight-pants wearing energetic girl we’ve been loving for so long.

For many, it doesn’t really come as too much of a shock. Very early on in the game’s life cycle, fans felt they had evidence of some sort of relationship between Tracer and Widowmaker. The majority of Tracer fan art pairs her up with Widowmaker, they could’ve done this with anyone else, but they’ve specifically paired her with Widowmaker for a reason, they felt they had enough to make the call that those two are totally interested in each other. Thus the fan art of Tracer lovingly enjoying every inch of Widowmaker butt began to flood the internet.


It’s kind of funny that after the whole Tracer butt pose debacle, that the flood of art and animations with Tracer being the biggest connoisseur of the sexy Overwatch ladies and their butts came in full speed ahead and actually ended up being more accurate than just an act of defiance to the feminist bullshit that enveloped the entire “incident”. The moment that feminist and SJWs lost their collective shit on a simple pose that showed off a girl’s butt because that’s what happens when you wear tight pants, the internet countered with a vengeance, drawing and animating piece after piece of Tracer art where instead of showing off her own butt (though some pictures did that too), she’s having a ball having her hands all over other Overwatch girls’ butts. And now through this comic, we’ve discovered that Tracer actually does love having her hands all over some good girl butt.

Now just because the comic has Tracer for sure penciled in as a girl who loves some female company, it’s not 100% certain that Tracer is strictly gay, but because Blizzard has been teasing the reveal of a canonically gay character in the Overwatch series for months, it’s probably 99.9% certain to say that Tracer is that character. It obviously won’t stop the internet from wanting to draw Soldier 76 or someone else fucking her brains out, but then again there’s been more of a fascination giving Widowmaker a giant dick and doing the job instead, so I guess the groundwork’s already been done.


Now how do I feel personally about Tracer being “taken off the market” and deciding that her preference is that of a female persuasion? I think it’s fantastic that Overwatch has a gay character and yet she’s not being marketed as openly gay to the point that it’s blatantly obvious. Think about it, the game has been out (counting early access) for I believe two years now, how many times have you played the game and thought “Tracer is super gay.”? Blizzard has taken the time to have a gay character in their game, without making it blatantly obvious, without having Tracer essentially openly advertise that she likes grabbing girl butt. A lot of gay characters in various forms of media are written to look so obviously gay that it’s impossible for you to figure it out. In Tracer’s case, she’s a normal gay young woman. Why? Because you wouldn’t look at her and immediately think “Oh yeah, she likes pussy.” or anything like that. She looks like a young woman, that’s it. She doesn’t look like she prefers anyone in particular, the only way you’ll know for sure is if she starts making out with Emily in public, otherwise she’s a normal young woman.

So congratulations Blizzard for doing a damn good job at smoothly having a gay character into your series. You didn’t bludgeon us over the head with it, you aren’t making a huge fuss about it, you just did it and let the fans take it and enjoy it. I hope that others look at this for reference and use it in their own projects when a gay character is to become a thing. Because being gay is normal.

Seriously though, if you thought the Tracer yuri fan art was prevalent now…


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