Looking Forward to 2017!


Let me be real for a second…2016 for me was a terrible year. Outside of the last month, most of the year just wasn’t kind to me and on so many different levels. I lost the best job I ever had, my financial stability the entire year has been shotty and on so many occasions has life thrown me curveballs I never could’ve prepared for. It’s been a tough year for me, no doubt about it. Thankfully, this last month has been an incredible change of fortune. While I’m still struggling financially and my current job isn’t exactly one I’m excited to wake up in the morning for, a lot of things have happened that by the turn of the new year, I was going in very optimistic.

Three exciting things happened in December relating to this page and my “internet career” that really lifted my spirits when I was in a very bad state of mind:

One, you guys beyond shattered my view records, both in daily and monthly viewership. My old daily record was 330, we hit just shy of 900 views in a single day last month! I still cannot believe I nearly tripled my record daily view count, every time I see that number, I’m flabbergasted by it. And this wasn’t an anomaly, I broke that original record of 330 on two other occasions after that. And then in terms of monthly views, the record set last month of 3,300 was doubled, the number in the 6,600 range. I can’t thank you guys enough, you continue to go beyond the expectations I have for myself. You have no idea how your support has completely changed the confidence in myself and my content. I keep thinking I’m going to plateau at some point and then you guys swoop in and keep it going. So thank you for that.

Two, I’ve actually started getting fan mail. I’m not talking comments on all the posts, I mean actual e-mails being sent my way, in particular through the Contact page, which I completely forgot I had until this month when I started getting messages from you guys. I suppose I ought to say it right now, I am always more than happy to talk with you guys when I can, so whether it’s in the comments on the blog or my YouTube videos, through my Instagram or Twitter accounts, or through the Contact page, don’t hesitate to say hello and strike up a conversation with me!

And third, I got something crazy in my inbox this month. I got contacted by a member of Kiro’o Games, the makers of Aurion: Legacy of Kori Odan and they wanted me to review their game! I got contacted by a games studio and got my first free copy of a game to review! Of course, I haven’t had the chance yet to start playing it, the holidays put a stop to my plans to get that done quickly, so it’s something I plan to get on top of this month. Regardless, to have anyone come up to me with this, is downright stunning to me. I don’t view myself as anything special, so this first time is one that’s still yet to truly sink in for me.

So moving forward, what’s 2017 look like for CSRadical? That’s a good question, one I don’t have all the answers for. I know what I want to do and plan to do, that being more podcasts, video content, reviews and much more content for the page and other outlets. I’ve got about two months of Instagram now under my belt, which has been a fun side venture (posting sexy anime pictures are so much fun!), I’ve restarted an old podcast I used to do long before starting the blog page and I continue to want to make more video content, I just wish I had more time to devote to it. Hopefully in 2017 I can find ways to get more done and not sacrifice my social life, which is extremely important to me as well.

Man…why couldn’t I just win the lottery and not have to work a shitty job anymore? I could put so much more time and work into this stuff…

So yeah, thanks for an awesome 2016 on the page, hopefully this trend continues this year and even more so, my life outside of my internet personality also follows the road my time here has done.

Cause man, I would love to make double the money I make now, like how my monthly views just doubled…

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