Saturday Morning Rant: Being Sick Sucks!


I love posting content on the page. It keeps me busy, gives me an outlet to speak on, all and all it’s a great time for me. When I’m sick however, that really gets in the way of things.

I don’t get sick very often, at most a couple times a year. But when I do, holy shit does it hit hard. Thankfully it didn’t hit until Tuesday when I had the Waifu daily already finished. So at the very least I had a few days to recover until I needed to get this article done. As I type this, it’s Friday evening and I’m still in pretty rough shape, though compared to Wednesday and Thursday, this is nothing.

It’s been a long time since I was this sick, it’s actually to the point that I wonder if I should’ve seen a doctor on Thursday when I was in really rough shape and according to my girlfriend, I was so hot that she could’ve used me as a heating pad. I didn’t have a thermometer though, so who knows how high my fever was. All I know is that I ran a hot bath and the only things that felt the heat were my hands and feet. Usually when I get sick, it’s just a pretty bad head cold, but this time around it was literally everything under the sun. Full body aches and pains, I lost my voice for a day, I couldn’t go a minute without wiping my nose, every annoying thing you can think of and every painful thing you can think of, aside from diarrhea, which thank fucking god that didn’t happen!

What really sucks for me personally when I’m sick is that there are two key things that I imagine 99% of people can do. The first is that I can’t swallow pills. I’ve tried time and time again, but for whatever reason I cannot do it. I remember getting really sick one time as a kid, which is crazy because I feigned sickness earlier that morning because I didn’t want to go to school…and then I got fucked up. Karma, I guess. It was the first time I got legit medication in pill form and upon trying to swallow it, I spent minutes trying and failing and eventually threw up, I imagine the poor taste and near choking catching up with me. The second thing, which I imagine to anyone reading this will think it’s really weird, is that I can’t blow my nose. Believe me, it confuses me to this day that I can’t. I’ve tried so many things that are supposed to help me clear my nose passages and make it easier to blow my nose and I just can’t. So when you take those two things into account, getting really sick really sucks. By the end of the illness, my nose is red around the nostrils from being wiped with kleenex so many times, my head aches from all the sniffing I’ve done and there’s only so much basic cold medicine can do when you’re drinking DayQuil every 4 hours.

The worst though was Wednesday night’s sleep. Usually when I’m sick, sleep isn’t a problem, once I’m down and out, I’m gone till it’s time to wake up. But on this particular night, I had one of the most fucked up sleeps I’ve ever had. I fell asleep at 9pm and proceeded to wake up every 10 minutes the entire night. As the night progressed, I felt less like I had a head on my shoulders and more like an iron box filled with water. I woke up that morning when it was time to stop sleeping and my entire body felt like either it had tripled in weight, or gravity was suddenly twice as strong, I refused to move. I have never felt that way before, at least not that I can remember.

Now it’s Friday, while I’m not dying now, it’s still an annoying head cold. My head hurts, my nose is stuffy and breathing sucks right now as I feel like coughing all the time.

All I know is that this is not the way I wanted to start my new year. Holy fuck this is the worst illness I’ve had probably since I was a child.

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