Saturday Morning Rant: You Can’t Say Anything Bad!


So it’s been just over a month since I released my extremely angry rant after finishing the main story of Final Fantasy XV. This video while it hasn’t gone crazy viral, it’s sitting at around 1200 views currently as I type this. But the peculiar thing about this video unlike anything else I’ve ever put out is that the comments on this video are extremely high compared to anything I’ve ever released. At the time, the comments are now over 100 and are varied in tone and opinion.

The one opinion I’ve noticed a lot of though, stem from something I cannot stand with internet commenters. It’s this opinion that people have where they don’t want you or anyone else to say anything bad about the thing they’re defending. They will vehemently defend everything you criticize and try to stop you at every turn, as if they don’t understand how it’s possible for anyone to feel anything negative about the thing they love so much.

There’s a simple lesson to teach these idiotic internet crybabies. Nothing and no one is perfect. Stop acting like Final Fantasy XV was the best game ever made and there’s nothing wrong with it, stop acting like Hillary Clinton was completely perfect and would’ve been the best U.S. President in history, stop acting like Walking Dead is the greatest piece of television ever made. Whether it’s fiction or not, there are people that will defend these things without hesitation and without the ability to listen to any criticism, whether it’s founded or not. It’s another problem of this snowflake generation, where they want everything in their collective bubble to be perfect and to have zero negativity surrounding it. That’s sounds nice and all, but good luck trying to accomplish that, even something universally liked still has internet trolls saying it’s the worst thing ever.


We even see this happen a lot to things before they even come out, games, movies, TV shows and more. No Man’s Sky is the prime example of fans defending everything under the sun, trying to eliminate any criticism of the game and it hadn’t even come out yet. Spoiler alert, IT WAS A BAD GAME!!! But for months and months, anyone voicing the opinion that the game might be a bit rough around the edges or worse, they felt the wrath of the fanboys who would travel a thousand miles through the harshest of weather to defend their favourite game THAT HADN’T EVEN COME OUT!!!

So look, I get it, you really like these things you defend. You don’t like how people take issue with it, say bad things about it, challenge it, anything of the sort. Now first, dig through the trolls, it’s not that hard, you can figure out the real comments from the bullshit ones. The real ones? Tough luck, they exist and you will have to put up with them, stop crying about it, stop insulting them for not liking the thing you love. No one is the same as you, everyone will have a slightly different opinion to yours, so quit trying to convert everyone to taking your exact side. Grow the fuck up and accept that not everyone thinks what you like is the second-coming of Jesus Christ.

…You know you can just not read internet comments, right? The only comments I ever read are on my own videos. It’s really not that hard to do, folks.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Rant: You Can’t Say Anything Bad!”

  1. This is the second post I’ve read this week about the lack of communication on the internet. Some people voice an opinion and seem to think that makes it a truth and then go out of their way to shout down or insult people who voice a different opinion. We saw this with the Crunchyroll awards and with pretty much everything else.
    I’m really glad most of the people I’ve met and most of the people who interact with my blog seem to want to engage in a conversation. They have opinions but also listen. It makes for some great interactions and mostly it has been a highly positive experience. Twitter on the other hand is a little hit and miss on how interactions go.


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