Top 10 Sexiest Overwatch Girls

I’ve been playing a ton of Overwatch in the last month, finally really sinking my teeth into the game. So after a while, I felt like I was missing out on such an easy Top 10 and now with all the 2016 and 2017 Top 10s out of the way, it’s finally time to get this particular list out and into the open.

So for all the Overwatch lovers out there, it’s time…it’s finally time! Time for the Top 10 Sexiest Overwatch Girls!

Oh! And because it’s Overwatch and I continue to love poking fun at the whole Tracer butt controversy, this is also the Top 10 Sexiest Overwatch Girls: Butt Edition!


It’s interesting because in the picture that I’m using for all the girls, Zarya for me is actually bearable, at least from behind. I mean, I want to tell you that all the Overwatch girls are beautiful in their own way, but I’m not going to lie when it comes to my personal preferences. At least in terms of official artwork and the various costumes for Zarya in the game, I cannot get past the super muscular appearance of her. She’s just not for me, so while for some folks she might actually be higher on the list, she only cracks the top 10 because there isn’t a 10th female playable hero yet.


No Sombra butt here, that butt appears to be quite elusive, must come with the gimmick. I will admit though, out of all the other girls who I would consider pretty (since Zarya just doesn’t work with me), Sombra’s the one that gets the smallest reaction from me. I guess a lot of it has to do with her style, I really don’t like her hair for starters and her outfits just never convey that either she’s sexy or beautiful. It probably also has a lot to do with the lack of good fan art of her as well, that might be a major part as well.


Now before you ask, no of course I’m not referring to the 60 year-old Ana in her default form. Because the game does give us a look at a much younger Ana through the “Captain Amari” and “Horus” skins, there is a lot more to enjoy. It actually makes me wonder if the people who created Ana believed she would be able to get by just being an old woman and having no younger form, but decided to give her this younger skin. After all, it appears that an old woman in a game is still a rarity and game developers have trouble inserting them into major roles. Oddly enough as well, in this picture it is actually 60 year-old Ana in there, but with that butt rivaling the other girls, I think the artist drew Captain Amari with default Ana head on the shoulders.


Originally in my head, I wondered if Symmetra being Indian had anything to do with her being this low on the list, as it’s not like she’s young and her default skins do give you a little butt, which is lovely. I think it’s more a case of her being designed a lot more with elegance, so I don’t find her as sexy as other girls on this list, but I also think a lack of good fan art plays a part in this as well. Also again with the elegance thing, her face doesn’t exactly draw me in either, the optical piece on her head doesn’t help that. But I will admit, she may just have the best butt in this entire picture.


It might be just a little weird that of all people to be taking a grab at Pharah’s ass in this picture, it’s Ana (y’know…her mother!), but I suppose we’d all love to take a quick grab as well. Pharah for me is like a hidden gem of all the girls, I think underneath all that armor, she’s rocking a killer body, including some nice abs, which I’m a sucker for. I suppose in theory, I’m putting Pharah higher than Ana and Symmetra who we at least have an idea of how they look body-wise, but I’m more than willing to assume she’s more than what her armor shows.


For some, having Mei so high on the list may be a surprise. This is completely, 100% having to do with the fan art out there really accentuating Mei when the game really doesn’t at all. For me, I don’t look at Mei and think she’s remotely as overweight as a lot of people seem to envision her as. I’m aware that she’s certainly not as thin as the majority of girls in the game are, but what Mei offers that they all really don’t is a sense of realism and a charm about her that goes beyond that of having a thin figure and a really nice butt, though I think Mei’s got just as good a butt as the rest of them.


It’s funny, cause even though I’ve placed her at #4, if there’s any female character I don’t pay too much attention to, it’s Mercy, despite how absolutely stunning she is. She’s certainly got the body, the “Witch” skin really pointing that out for sure, I think what’s holding her back for me personally is how she just comes off like that classic blonde bombshell, which to me is so overdone. She’s one of the hottest girls in the series for sure, but she doesn’t jump out at you like the girls who made the top 3 do.


I mean, it’s really unfair when you walk around in a skintight suit the entire time, have a smaller frame and yet still have quite the perfect bust size as well. D’va has the advantage of being super cute and yet having a very sexy look as well. The fan art only accentuates this even further, though I will admit I don’t understand why the majority of art of her keeps parts of her suit on, as if the suit is made to just take off parts of it specifically to expose her breasts and genitalia. Just take the whole thing off, damn it!


Hm…skintight suit, thin frame, perfect bust. Yeah, Widowmaker is pretty much D’va with unique skin tones, which is really what puts her above D’va, that uniqueness. Also she shows off the cleavage quite a bit, so perhaps she’s cheating just a little bit. Widowmaker is arguably the sex symbol of Overwatch, very much designed to be the girl with all the looks, not only the cleavage, but clearly shows off her butt the most. And come on, she’s French, everyone knows how sexy the French accent is!


But in the end, despite how some may feel about her, I can’t not give the #1 spot to the Overwatch girl who I definitely pay the most attention to because of her looks. It doesn’t even have much to do with the butt controversy, Tracer to me is just super pretty and happens to have a really nice butt. And like other girls on the list, the massive amounts of fan art have only thrusted Tracer further and further ahead of everyone else. Not even being outed now as being a lesbian can keep this British beauty out of the #1 spot.

Thanks for checking out this week’s Top 10, I know it was a little cheesy, but once in a while I like to have a little more fun with these and not be so serious. I had to counter the last few weeks of more “normal” top 10s with something crazy y’know?

And for those curious about the picture I took all the girls from, here’s the full picture, you can click it to get the full-size:


One thought on “Top 10 Sexiest Overwatch Girls”

  1. I think it should be symmetra as number 1.even if u don’t agree please but a picture of symettra in a bra and knickers please. Great website


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