Saturday Morning Rant: January Is So Boring!!!


The latest Destiny expansion, Rise of Iron has completely lost its new game smell and I have no reason to turn the game on now…

I’ve finished essentially 90% of Final Fantasy XV, there’s only a couple hunts and sidequests left to do, so I’m not hankering to play it some more…

Other multiplayer games I play like Overwatch and Grand Theft Auto Online are only good in small bursts…

There’s nothing of interest to me coming out until March…


I find January to be the worst month when it comes to keeping myself busy. Generally speaking anything in terms of games that get released in the month aren’t all that great, if there’s much at all to take a look at, the same goes for films. It’s winter (granted right now it’s above 0°C, but it’s raining a lot) so the usual co-ed sports I play aren’t running like soccer and baseball. I do play floor hockey, but the fall and winter seasons have such a huge break, we finished in early December and the new season finally starts this Wednesday, so I’ve played nothing in over a month.

Honestly I’m coming to the conclusion that January just isn’t the month for keeping you busy. If anything, I’m finally learning that I should be planning ahead for the dreaded month now. I should consider holding back on playing a major JRPG, hold onto a free month trial of an MMORPG, something that’ll devote the majority of my attention.

Now I could binge watch stuff, after all there’s a ton of anime I’m still looking to tick off my list on Crunchyroll, however I find that when it comes to binge watching shows, I get bored really quickly of it and want to move onto something else. Like if I finish a 12-episode series in a day let’s say, there’s a pretty good chance I won’t pick up another show and try to finish that for at least a few days, if not at least a week. That’s why I aim for things like video games that can offer me at least 60-70 hours so at the very least, it’s going to kill almost half the month!

So yeah, January sucks the big ol’ bag of dicks. I’m amazed I’ve made it three weeks into the month without wanting to just hunker down in a cave and try to hibernate for another two months. I have days where I literally sit on my couch, playing every game on my PS4 for 15 minutes and then getting bored and moving onto something else.

Man…why does all the shitty/boring stuff have to start off the year?

4 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Rant: January Is So Boring!!!”

    1. I imagine as a kid, you’re good with all the presents you get. Now at the age of 28, a Crockpot and toaster oven ain’t doing much for my amusement. 😛


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