Saturday Morning Rant: Less Games Need To Be Censored


Yakuza 0 has come out and unlike pretty much 99.9% of all Japanese games when released in the West, it hasn’t actually been censored. At all. Like nothing has been taken away. Not the phone sex minigame, not the catfight minigame, none of it. It’s all still there in its glory. Hell I got the “Business Edition” of the game which came with a fancy business card case and it had a card with five sexy hostesses on it. That’s some fun shit!

What this game has done is remind me of the ridiculousness when it comes to censorship here in the West, it continues to mystify me how the most offensive thing right now is Donald Trump and then the second most offensive thing is someone who isn’t attracted to a transsexual AND THEN the third most offensive thing is probably a piece of fictional media with a woman looking sexy in it. Once again, it’s a case where I have to point out how absolutely immature and overly fragile society is right now that a girl in a swimsuit fighting a girl in a nurse outfit (ALL WHO ARE NOT REAL PEOPLE!!!) is extremely offensive and shouldn’t exist here. It’s okay to have games where thousands of people are killed by the character we play as, but a single pair of titties is just too much!

Fire Emblem: Awakening had to alter a picture of Tharja in the Summer of Bonds DLC where she was trying on a swimsuit so it would be “acceptable” in the West. A girl in a swimsuit needed to be censored. A single fictional girl in a bikini was too much for a Western video game release, but murder after murder after murder, that’s okay. Same goes for Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, they had swimsuit costumes for the characters and those were censored here as well. Why is death okay, but a girl in a bikini not okay?


The longer I’ve been writing post on this page, the longer I’ve taken issue with the censorship of sexual content in various forms of media, the bashing of anime and video games for engaging in such content, the endless barrage of articles, tweets, comments and whatever else from people who are so unbelievably easily offended that it really makes me wonder if they’re actually offended or if this is the battle they just decided to pick and are just fighting blindly to whatever they see. I don’t understand why this sort of content gets such a nasty response from so many people when there are so many more important things out there to be fighting. I don’t pretend there isn’t a problem with sexual content, as I’ve said before, I firmly believe that games and anime especially could really do everyone a huge favour and stop devoting the extreme majority of sexual content in their media solely to women. There’s nothing wrong with a guy also wearing something a little skimpier than a normal person would wear, there’s nothing wrong with a guy being seeing in the shower. I don’t care about anyone who is homophobic or whatever the fuck else, it’s a fictional guy, you’re not going to turn gay because it’s there.

Instead of censoring everything, why are feminists also pushing for men to be put in more roles that women traditionally are in. Why is there never a conversation about men being sexualized along with women, why aren’t men held captive more often, things like that? Why are the only conversations we hear from feminists (who have some level of prominence and reach) about how games and anime have too many sexy girls in them?

Maybe for once we ought to think about including rather than excluding. Not a bad idea, eh?

4 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Rant: Less Games Need To Be Censored”

  1. Censorship like this is absolutely ridiculous. What does what a fictional game/story has as its content even matter?? People who find it distasteful can just choose not to consume it rather than make a fuss to take it away from those who do enjoy it.


    1. But if they left things alone like a normal person would, they would get bored so easily. I imagine a large part of people who fight so hard for these things don’t even truly believe they’re that bad, they’re just bored as hell and want to “try and find a purpose in life”, that purpose being getting involved in every single person’s daily life.

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  2. I do not get censorship and where people draw their lines sometimes. I’ve said it before but as long as something clearly labels itself with the content it contains, people can then make the choice about whether that is something that will offend them or not. And if it offends them, they can choose not to watch/play it and leave other people alone (of course that never happens because if it offends you why not ensure that no one else can enjoy it).


    1. It’s funny how they only think to fight it. Haven’t we learned that the best way to get rid of something is to ignore it?

      Dead or alive Xtreme 3 didn’t get a Western release because of people possibly getting offended by it, it didn’t get a Western release because no one here is willing to pay $60+ on a shitty boobs game.

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