Might Be Slow For A Bit…


So if you’re a usual reader of this blog, you’re probably wondering where this week’s Top 10 post is. Well there’s a simple answer to that question: there isn’t one…

Today I moved to a new place and because I was so busy getting things ready, I was unable to find the time to hammer out a Top 10 for today, so that’s why it hasn’t been done. Still not a lot of time now, so this week there’s no Top 10 at all. I’m basically taking a break from unpacking stuff to take 15 minutes here and just keep you guys posted. The internet where I’ve moved to is super weak, I’m hoping to get that sorted out this week, because goddamn I’m not putting up with this turtle-pace speed for very long. Seriously, my PS4 clocked the WiFi connection from upstairs at 500kbps, how long has it been since I’ve seen anything below 1mbps? I’m pretty sure I was listening to that shitty dial-up sound when it was connecting.

But yeah, I’m hoping to at least stay on schedule for Tuesday and have a Waifu, FWB or One-Night Stand post done and hopefully I’ll have the weekly anime post done for Wednesday as per usual. The internet barely manages to run Crunchyroll on my PS4, so if I do screencap anything from now until the internet gets upgraded, they will be in a lower quality than the usual screencaps are.

Thanks for sticking around, guys and I’ll talk to you all later. After I stop being buried in boxes.

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