Saturday Morning Rant: A Muslim Ban? Yeah, That’ll Stop Terrorism


When I started this blog, there was never an intent to talk politics on here. What I wanted to do on this page was talk about nerdy things and the occasional sociological topic. But I think this recent event that is challenging my perceptions of reality grants me a little rope to talk about something I don’t normally want any part of.

Now I don’t pretend to know a whole lot about American politics as a whole. I’m Canadian and I have zero fucks to give when it comes to learning politics, I’ll leave the in-depth research and vast amounts of knowledge to the folks who actually care and bother. For this issue I’m talking about today, this is purely my opinion on the matter.

So a Muslim ban, eh? Specifically seven Muslim-majority countries in Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen and Iraq. It’s a 90-day period, includes dual-nationality US citizens and there were reports of green card holders being refused as well. Even crazier, the ban doesn’t include Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. And because it’s America, in countries from the Middle East, they’ll give preference to Christian refugees over Muslims.

Let that sink into your head for a moment. The ban is extremely specific towards a single race of people, targets specific nations and gives preference over another religion. The “Land of the Free” is essentially trying to censor a specific race and culture. Why? Because a small percentage of the 1.6 million Muslims in the world are terrorists? I suppose Trump and his parade of Republican lackeys are forgetting about the fact and reality that there are terrorists among everyone. Do not pretend that there aren’t black female terrorists, do not pretend that there aren’t white male terrorists, every race, every gender, every religion, every culture has radicals in their ranks.

I love how American politicians continue to show how they are some of the most idiotic, manipulative human beings with a total lack of self-awareness. They want to ban all Muslims because they go into public places and kill tens of people with guns. Yet not only do they not want to ban guns, they want to make them even more available? Do we not see the hypocrisy and the plain stupidity of this?! And the Republican party especially, for being the most blatantly biased political party I have ever seen, it’s so obvious they are trying to “take their country back” by reducing the number of coloured people and bring the white numbers back up and once again prop up Christianity as the only religion. I’m not even saying this as an atheist, but religion HAS TO BE SEPARATED FROM POLITICS! This is not up for debate, anything that will bring bias to certain decisions in politics need to be removed. And as for the “white dominance” subject, I’m a white male and I could care less if I’m not the dominant race where I am. As an egalitarian, I could care less who’s around me in terms of race, so long as we’re all on equal footing. You treat me like anyone else, I’ll do the same and we’re all good.

And how in the blue hell does Donald Trump and the Republican party believe that banning Muslims from entering the US will reduce terrorist acts in the country? How fucking stupid do you have to be to believe that making a race of people despise you more because you locked them out and left them in places of war and poverty, that will prevent them from wanting to take a plane and crash it into a major building, from buying a gun and shooting up a school, a mall, a nightclub, whatever the fuck. How fucking insane are you to believe that?!

Tell me this. You’re a Muslim US citizen (you might not be, but work with me here, okay?) and you’ve been living here all your life. You’ve practiced your religion in peace to whatever degree, maybe you’re very serious, maybe you’re very lax, it’s not important. You are more than aware of the radical groups out there that take your religion to a much higher, more dangerous level, but you don’t look at them as the same as you. But then one day, you’re told that you and every single member of your race that you are dangerous and aren’t welcome in the country. You may not be getting deported, but if you ever leave the country, you might not be allowed to come back. Imagine if this ban isn’t a small period of time, it’s throughout Trump’s entire term in office. Do you think that you’ll be able to comfortably live with this clear racism and degradation for four years? Don’t you think that there will be very impressionable Muslim men and women (especially teenagers) who will suddenly start looking at what the radical groups are doing, now that the hate they have for the country they thought was their home to be free and do whatever they like, so long as it’s within the law? I guaran-fucking-tee you that if this ban actually sticks, you will see a rise in crime and certainly a lot more shootings, when the access to guns are so easy in America and there are plenty of Muslims in the country that will certainly turn over from a peaceful life to one full of hate.

Fucking hell, man…I believed Trump would’ve been more inconsequential than anything else. A week in and he’s already hung all of us with the rope I gave him.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Rant: A Muslim Ban? Yeah, That’ll Stop Terrorism”

  1. I just heard on the news right now that this executive order has been temporarily overturned by a judge until the court reaches a final decision. This order targets Muslims which is unconstitutional. Like you, I’m Canadian but my mom, stepdad, & siblings are Americans. Not to mention my other relatives who are very close to me. Even if I don’t want to care about American politics, I have to be since family members are living there. I am just aghast at the train of thought that led to this ban. They’re alienating Muslims and fostering divisions and hate. This won’t stop terrorism. It would just encourage it.

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    1. As we’ve learned all throughout history, all hate does is create more hate. You can’t beat hate with more hate, it’s not that complicated, people!

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