Saturday Morning Rant: How Did We Deal With Dial-Up?!


As I said recently, I’ve moved into a new place and have been running on terrible internet. This unfortunately for me hasn’t changed, as the person who is paying for the current connection is being a tad bit stubborn on the issue? Why? Beats me. When someone’s willing to toss in an extra $20 so the speed gets tripled (because 7mbps is nothing nowadays) and they’re digging their nails in the dirt for whatever reason.

The WiFi connection is so bad that I’m barely getting 1mbps, I might as well be running on dial-up. I can’t screenshot my anime on my PS4 anymore, resorting to having half a window watching an SD version of each episode, with the other half window being the post as I write my synopsis of the episode. Hell, I can download tiny update on my PS4 (a 5MB one yesterday took 10 minutes), but the connection’s so weak that my account can’t log in, it’s literally just a miniscule internet connection. Watching YouTube at 144p, Google Image searching is suddenly a massive task, this is absolutely ridiculous!

And it makes me wonder how the hell we were able to put up with 56k dial-up back in the day.

I still remember that fucking sound like it was yesterday. That screeching sound every time you booted up the internet, I can’t believe that sound was necessary to log into the internet. Then doing anything online, how slow was it?! Granted, the pages then were far less complex, there weren’t these crazy heavy elements like HD videos and stuff like that, so some pages did load relatively fast. But I can remember waiting a good minute for a hentai picture to load while being a young and VERY curious 13 year-old wanting to see what Misty from Pokemon looked like naked. Seems like nothing’s changed 15 years later, right? The range of anime girls just expanded. I remember as a huge wrestling fan finding a site that had a bunch of WWE entrance themes and waiting a HALF-HOUR to download a 3MB mp3 file!

How the hell did we do it? Looking back on it now, it should’ve been the most frustrating thing in the world. But then again, this was a new thing going around, something we had never seen before. In reality at that time, this was such an amazing and cool thing to be able to surf the web and do all these cool things with people somewhere else in the world. It was amazing and while it took fucking forever to happen, in the 90s and early 2000s, this was the coolest thing ever!

But now in 2017, here I sit, waiting 10-15 seconds for a 640×360 pixel image to upload so I can post it in this article.

…Yeah, fuck dial-up. I don’t care how cool it was back then. This current situation is bringing up nightmare memories of it.

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