Top 10 Anime Pictures On My Computer

So I was having a lot of trouble thinking of a Top 10 this week. It’s one of those times where you draw blanks. So as I’m typing this, it’s Saturday and I’ve still got nothing, so it’s finally time to go to an emergency backup that I’ve been saving for a long ass time…

This Top 10 is very simple, my ten personal favourite anime pictures that are sitting in a folder with all the others on my hard drive. At the moment, the current count of pictures saved in that folder are at 1,317. So picking out ten pictures is going to be quite the challenge. But when have I ever backed down from one?

So here’s a real interesting look into what I like when it comes to anime girls and such, here’s my ten most favourite pictures on my computer!

…Oh! And in case you’re wondering, obviously there will be no pictures containing sex. That’s in a different folder. *wink*


If anyone has ever heard of the artist, Rezi, you’ve seen a whole whack of absolutely gorgeous artwork. Out of all of them, this is the one that’s struck me the most. It’s certainly not the sexiest piece of art Rezi’s done, but out of them all this particular one is able to mix in sexy with beauty and a tomboyish side as well. It’s not often a girl in boyshorts looks that damn sexy and in this case, it does 100%. Not only that, but the detailing on her underwear as well, it looks so damn good!


Managed to do a tiny bit of research on this one, no idea what it was from. This is “Curse Maker” from an Atlus game called Etrian Odyssey, which I never played cause I don’t play many handheld games. But if this girl is a walking, breathing curse waiting to happen…I’m almost tempted to take the risk. I mean look at her! Gorgeous body, looks so innocent and those striped thigh-highs look fantastic. The pose is very well set up and the background as well is beautiful. I’d have a hard time leaving this girl behind if I ever came across her, even if she was a living Pandora’s Box.


I played a ton of hentai visual novels in my teenage years and one I remember a lot was Lightning Warrior Raidy. Not because of the hentai, story or anything, just because it made me realize I’d rather just find the CG sets of these visual novels, rather than play ones that have actual gameplay beyond multiple choice. There’s definitely one thing I remember well about Raidy and that was the redhead’s perfect butt in the most unpractical armor ever. Given the amount of possible things that will happen to her in the game, it’s one final shot before it all begins. I mean I’m not complaining, but if you’re going to fight sexy monsters that are much more powerful than you…might want to wear more than an armored thong.


Well it wasn’t going to be long before at least one Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica picture made its way onto the list. I’ve made it no secret how much I adore the artwork from the anime (that I still haven’t watched more than two episodes of…) and while the red-haired Corticarte is a major part of why, this piece of artwork featuring Princesca Yugiri who usually plays third fiddle to Corticarte and her sister, Perserte. But this picture, holy shit the butt on this one! Now granted, I’m a little perplexed on how the legs are working in this picture, I’m assuming she’s in the traditional Japanese pose when they’re sitting down on their knees, but regardless, that butt completely directs me away from any questions I have. The shrine maiden robe works perfectly with this pose and as the majority of Polyphonica art is, the detailing on the skin are second to none. Just gorgeous!


No idea where this picture is from, can’t seem to find out where it’s from either. But this is one of the original pictures that made it onto my hard drive and has stuck with me ever since. Honestly, it’s really just the green-haired girl, the other one doesn’t really do much for me. The green-haired slightly tanned girl, just wow! She’s absolutely stunning and there’s just enough of a tease with the sideboob that you just can’t help but want to see more. On a more side note though, her feet are so beautifully drawn, especially the one where you can see the bottom. I don’t have a foot fetish, but in this case I can see why some people do.


No clue where this came from either, but holy hell if there was a picture that got me starting to daydream about girls in space, this was the picture that kicked that off. The art style is so unique and to see a girl who looks as normal as she does really sells it well. She looks like your average pretty girl who even in a cramped space in a spaceship, she wants to just kick back and play video games. And apparently not wear underwear while she does so, geez those shorts aren’t staying on that well, are they?


I absolutely adored the hentai visual novel Princess Waltz. The anchor of that, of all girls was Angela who is easily the most evil of them all in the game. But holy freaking hell is she gorgeous and her sex scene easily has the best pose (with her up against the cliche hotel glass window) where she looks like a million bucks. But out of all her pictures, this is the one I love the most. It’s a perfect mix of sexy and badass, you can look at this picture and think “I don’t want to fuck with her!” and yet at the same time go “Well…I’d still like to, but…” as well. The only crying shame is that really at no point in the game there’s ever a good butt shot with her, because I’m sure she easily has the best one too.


Now I said no sex, but that wasn’t going to leave some anime boobs out of the equation. The only picture on this Top 10 that required a little censorship, this is easily the best anime drawing of a video game character I’ve ever seen. This is Ramlethal Valentine from the Guilty Gear series and holy freaking hell did the artist behind this picture get her right and made her look like the most beautiful girl on the planet! Her body is perfectly shaped, boobs aren’t too big, they aren’t too small, the pose perfectly shows off everything you’d want to see from a frontal view, her chest, stomach and hips. Even the style of panties she’s wearing really grab my attention and honestly, usually underwear that takes away from my imagination don’t usually work with me, but since it’s only showing pretty much all of her legs, it’s more than acceptable. And because I’m biased as all hell, of course the dark skin is an extra plus.


The ultimate butt picture I have on my hard drive. The first time I saw this picture, I was solely locked on the third girl with the pink/white striped panties, but since then I’ve completely opened up to all four, in fact striped panties girl is now third out of them all. For those curious, it’s literally 1st to 4th if you go left to right. I always enjoy pictures like these, not even just because it’s a bunch of butts. In the case with this one especially, I don’t have any idea how three of the four girls look face-wise. I’m big on imagination when it comes to pictures, I’d much prefer a girl in her underwear or a bikini than completely naked, it allows my imagination to fill in the blanks, rather than having all the answers right from the start. Same goes here, I love the idea of imagining the pretty faces these girls obviously have. But all right, fine! The butts are really nice too! There, happy?!


But of course, as I said earlier, I absolutely adore Polyphonica art. There is no picture that I have been so mesmerized by than this one of four of the girls in the series as they enjoy a lovely day at the beach. The Yugiri sisters are at their best here, looking absolutely gorgeous, while Eufinley is looking gorgeous yet just a little tomboyish still, regardless of how much skin she’s actually showing. But of course, Corticarte in all her red-haired glory is taking center stage here, even though she takes up the least amount of space in this picture. Just that pose, seeing her stomach, a little bit of the lines between her thighs, she looks absolutely perfect here. And the look on her face, you know that she knows just how goddamn hot she looks right now. It’s not fair, man! Anime is just too damn perfect an artform!

Thanks for checking out this week’s list, I hope you enjoyed it, or at the very least survived the awkwardness that’s me gushing about how pretty an anime girl looks. Hopefully next week the Top 10 writer’s block comes to an end and I have a much better idea for you guys!

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