UPDATE: I’m Finally Getting Off “Dial-Up”!!!


So if you’ve been keeping up with me lately, you know that I moved into a new place where the internet was, well…let’s say the worst I’ve ever had since dial-up was a thing. The internet I found out was only 6mbps, but upstairs where I was set up, at best I was getting 200kbps of it. To anyone who’s wondering what “kpbs” is, I’m so happy for you that you never got to suffer with internet that slow.

Literally these past few weeks, I’ve been struggling to do anything here and keep up with my schedule. I can’t screenshot any anime because I can’t watch Crunchyroll in HD on my PS4, hell I can’t even sign into my PS Plus account, that’s how much internet I’m not getting! Even Google Image Searching takes forever now, loading a single image for the Waifu/FWB/ONS articles take so much longer than they should!

But finally, there is hope…I’m finally getting cable internet moved into here, 100mbps to be specific.

The situation that called for this is absolutely ridiculous. I don’t want to go on forever about it, but the person in charge of the current internet running in here is one of the most stubborn and unreasonable people I’ve ever met, claiming that a major reason why they wanted to keep their current internet and not switch to a new ISP (because this company is one of the worst), is because they want to keep their ISP-branded e-mail address. I wish I was fucking joking. Three weeks later, the internet is still bad, none of us are getting close to the 6mbps promised by this company and this person still doesn’t bother to call the ISP to fix the problem. YOU’RE PAYING A COMPANY TO GIVE YOU A SERVICE AND THEY’RE NOT FOLLOWING THROUGH ON THEIR PROMISE!!! WHY WOULDN’T YOU CALL THEM TO COMPLAIN?!!!

So yeah, had to take it upon myself to call a completely different company and get an entirely different internet connection, since in most places you can’t have two DSL in the same place, so I had to revert to cable internet, which is more reliable and faster anyways, so I won’t complain.

Should have this internet at the beginning of next week, if I’m to trust the date given to me for the install. It’s going to be a struggle for one more week or so, but man am I excited for this connection. The fastest I ever had up until now was 25mbps, I’m about to quadruple that. AWWW YEAH!!!

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