REVIEW: The Lego Batman Movie


Right off the bat, I think the mistake lied in people telling me that this was the best Batman movie ever made. That’s already something that gets into your head. How can something be so good that it beats The Dark Knight, which remains one of the best movies I’ve ever watched. So going into the movie, I was already a little cynical going into the film.

In the end, it wasn’t anywhere close to being the best Batman movie, but it certainly wasn’t terrible either.

What the movie does well is creating the Batman universe in its entirety in a single film and manages to make sense of it. Batman is a walking, talking badass who no matter what you throw at him, he wins, so the Joker goes for the biggest gamble and brings all the villains together, himself, Two-Face, Catwoman, the Riddler, Scarecrow, Mr. Freeze, the Penguin, Calendar Man, Polka-Dot Man, oh yeah, they put all the villains in this film. ALL OF THEM. Yes, even the shitty ones. Not only that but the voice cast for a lot of these characters is impressive. Aside from Will Arnett’s Batman, you’ve got Zach Galifianakis as Joker, Michael Cera as Robin, Ralph Fiennes at Alfred, Billy Dee Williams as Tw0-Face, Conan O’Brien as Riddler and that’s just counting the Batman characters, we’re not even talking about other Justice League characters and the random villains they throw in towards the end! Seriously check out the voice cast for this film, it’s insane how many notable names are in this movie!

In terms of the film’s story, it’s your typical cheesy kids’ movie kind of story, mixed with a little bit of the Batman charm we all know and love. DC wishes it could write this kind of comedy in their films, it might make them more enjoyable. The entire plot is really the story of Batman learning to work with others, as really the entire first half of the film is Batman refusing to work with anyone and denying the Joker the admission that he needs him to keep himself going. Bruce Wayne is pretty much a 16 year-old high school kid who listens to heavy music and thinks he’s the lord of darkness, or in this case, he is the night. He’s Batman. In the early going this part of the film is really funny and silly, but as they continue on with the same couple jokes related to this part of the story, it starts to get really stale and it really started to take away from the film for me. I wanted things to move forward and it felt by the end of the movie that the entire film was hinging on a single joke.

I suppose I should be a little miffed by what I watched, after all this movie wasn’t exactly tailor-made for my demographic, this was a picture more or less designed for kids and families, not for older fans of a certain popular franchise that is used to a much more darker tone of storytelling. However, I absolutely loved the charm and silliness of the original Lego Movie, so you’d figure a film solely based on the Batman character, which I loved in that original film, it’d be even better. Instead, I got a movie that I felt had less charm and certainly less jokes in them. It’s not to say I didn’t smile and laugh in the film, but I certainly didn’t walk away from this movie with as many jokes to re-tell as I did leaving the first Lego film.

When it’s all said and done however, I did leave the film content, I wasn’t upset or anything. I just felt disappointed with all the hype people put on me with the film and I certainly left the theater wanting more and feeling like I got played a little bit. What the Lego Batman Movie does in a positive manner is that they opened the entire universe up for everyone to see, made fun of a few of the ridiculous parts of Batman history (dumb villains, bat nipples, etc.) and gives fans who remember them a chance to laugh and feel like they’ve been catered to as well. The voice cast is so damn solid and the addition of the extra villains to the film just throws in that ridiculousness that the Lego films are now showing us will be a constant, no universe is safe.

But in the end, the film doesn’t do enough to be all that memorable, the reliance on the “Batman is alone and is moody” jokes just brought the film down as they kept going back to the well one too many times. I’m sure with the younger crowd they enjoyed it, but in my case it droned on and I really got bored of the film at times. There just isn’t a significant moment in the film that really stands out, it’s just either good or it’s not.

Overall, the film is decent at best, offers enough for fans of the Batman franchise to leave happy, probably offers more for the younger crowd and the more PG crowd, but for those who were looking for a really strong Batman film and wanting to re-capture the wonder that was the first Lego film, you’ll likely leave a little disappointed on that front.


3 thoughts on “REVIEW: The Lego Batman Movie”

  1. Nah, I haven’t really bothered posting my stuff around. Actually one of the first film reviews I’ve done on here too.

    Thanks for the kind words!


  2. I’ve definitely read some rave reviews of this but given the nature of it I wasn’t really convinced this was going to be something I’d enjoy. Eventually I’ll have to see this, and the original lego movie, but to be honest they’ve both been so overhyped at this point I’ll probably be disappointed even though the cynic in me knows I’m not exactly the target audience for the movies.


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