Saturday Morning Rant: Just Watch It!!!

So I re-discovered one of my biggest pet peeves the other day. So I wanted to show someone the trailer for the upcoming film, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, that’s all I wanted to do. Show this person a two-minute trailer. That’s it. Two minutes. Two. Instead of that, I got a long conversation before the video even started and then finally, FINALLY after starting the video, it was paused within the first ten seconds, because this person saw something they liked that reminded them of something else entirely and decided to turn that into a multi-minute conversation.

Okay okay okay. So I might be overreacting a little bit here, but holy fucking shit! To anyone who feels the need to pause a video to stop and talk about something, you are just the worst kind of person to do anything with. These are the people who enjoy hearing their own voice, who enjoy being the center of attention and I cannot stand them. It’s one thing to talk about something related to the video being played, but it’s another thing to pause the video and start talking about a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT TOPIC!!! It’s a two-minute video! It’s not two hours, it’s two fucking minutes! Let it finish! If you forget what you wanted to talk about when the video ends, then I guess that topic you wanted to talk about wasn’t fucking important. Oh and spoiler alert, that conversation was completely uninteresting and not important in the slightest, it’s literally this person talking for the sake of talking.

There are people out there that I can’t wrap my head around, most of the time it’s for much larger things, but this is one of those little things that really troubles me and I can’t understand what possesses someone to act in this manner. It’s now at the point that I’m unsure if I’d ever want to watch a full-length film with this person, I’m afraid two hours would turn into five. I’m not even convinced I want to take this person with me to watch a movie at a theater, even with the addition of this person not having any way to pause the film, I’m convinced this person would try to talk about shit with me while I’m trying to watch the damn movie!

The biggest problem I have though, is honestly how rude it is. If this person wanted to show me the Valerian trailer, then sure, they might pause the video to show off something cool they saw, that’s fine, but I’m the one who brought up this video, I wanted this person to sit down and watch only two minutes of video in succession, that’s not asking for much. But this person thought not only that it was okay to pause this video almost as soon as it started, but thought that it’d be a good idea to talk about childhood memories. Wow! What a nice person, y’know?

Yeah…I’m going to try and avoid watching anything with this person from now on. I’m afraid so many things I love will get tainted.

One thought on “Saturday Morning Rant: Just Watch It!!!”

  1. Agreed. People who talk over something or pause it breaking the flow just kind of kill the moment. There are exceptions, like when you and your best friend are watching something for the millionth time together and then you’re both onboard with conversation, pausing and anything else. However, a two minute video should not need a pause.


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