Top 10 Songs I Enjoy Singing

So two weeks ago I did a Top 10 list for songs I enjoy playing again and again on my guitar. I had a blast making that list and yes, I did play many of these songs right after I finished writing that article. So this week, I’m going to the other part I enjoy playing as a musician, except there’s no instrument involved, it’s just my voice.

I’ve been singing almost as long as I’ve been playing guitar and I mean singing as actually trying to sing like it was to be done live on stage, not what some of us do when driving or in the shower. So here’s the Top 10 songs that I like to sing the most. It’ll be a mixture of how well I think I sing it and then also how much fun I have singing it.


#10 – “Limelight” by Rush

Yeah, why don’t we just kick off the list with a singer with a high freaking voice, shall we? My voice by the way…not so high. But hey, that doesn’t mean I can’t try, right? Rush’s “Limelight” is a track that still challenges my vocal range, but Geddy Lee stays in a lower range for the majority of the song and allows me to have the ability to sing it to the fullest. The chorus especially is just challenging enough that it’s a fun and even more fun when I can sing it right. It’s also nice to say I’m able to sing a Rush song. There aren’t many.

#9 – “Watch Over You” by Alter Bridge

This is a song that I also really like playing with my guitar as well, the chord progression in this song is so beautiful. There are my bands I enjoy singing songs from, but none of them have as many songs I love to sing than Alter Bridge. Even though Myles Kennedy is a bastard for having a high vocal range I can’t hit sometimes, I love the flare his voice brings and it’s never stopped being fun to sing. While some of the band’s songs are intense, this one’s much softer and has a real beautiful tone to it and I love playing these kinds of songs when I break out the acoustic guitar. Not every song needs to be badass, you gotta enjoy the ballads too!

#8 – “Fairmount Hill” by Dropkick Murphys

Having a very low-toned voice and in turn a low vocal range, there are a lot of bands you can’t hit very often. This particular song from the Dropkick Murphys is actually challenging as the vocal range is really low. It’s another slower song but carries a little more power and the low-toned gravely voice you need for this song really adds onto it. It’s a song I find myself singing quietly to myself, especially while at work, easy to sing without needing to accentuate notes and in turn, raise my voice.

#7 – “Name” by Goo Goo Dolls

I used to listen to the Goo Goo Dolls a lot more back in college, but I turned to heavier and weirder music now into my late 20s. But I still really love singing their stuff, it’s right smack in the middle of my range, I don’t think there’s a single song of theirs I can’t sing, which is nice, I love approachable music. “Name” specifically is the one song of theirs that stands out, in particular their re-recorded version much later on, which really lets your voice explore the lyrics rather than being tied to a specific melody.

#6 – “Mystery Of You” by Red

Now here’s a song I have to sing early in my playlist, because after this song’s over I’m probably not going to be able to sing it perfectly afterwards. This is a really hard song for me to sing, the vocal range gets really high in the chorus and requires volume and power along with it, basically killing my vocal chords as I have no formal training. But man when I sing this song right, it sounds fantastic, the vocals in this track are just so powerful, it’s the kind of song that when you get it right, god damn do you feel so good afterwards.

#5 – “Big Bad World” by Authority Zero

This one’s all about fun for me, Authority Zero is a punk band known for having a singer who will sing lyrics to various songs at a much higher speed than most. Check out the band playing “Rattlin’ Bog”, it’s incredible how fast this guy can sing. This track specifically though is not too far in that direction, but is still a fun, fast-paced song with a ton of charm and swagger. You can’t help but move along with the catchy beat of the track and on top of that singing the calm and cool (despite the speed) sounding vocals really adds to the charm it already has.

#4 – “(*Fin)” by Anberlin

This is the ultimate song where I let the soft side of my vocals go. Anberlin has a high range when it comes to vocals, but with this particular track, it’s a very soft, high range, one that I am capable of achieving as I don’t need to really thrust my vocals out like in other tracks. This is a song that I also play on my acoustic a lot because it’s just such a freaking beautiful song to play. Once the song hits its second half and really brings out the power as well, man does it hit hard and strong, I love reaching that point in the song every time.

#3 – “Wormword” by Fozzy

Yep. A song from the band whose lead singer is WWE wrestler, Chris Jericho. I’m not kidding. You’ve either never heard of this band, or never bothered to listen to them because it’s a band fronted by a professional wrestler. But seriously, listen to this song. I’ll wait, till you come back……………………..WASN’T IT BADASS?!!! It’s a song I find myself getting a little too into it, as in moving my arms around, really moving along with the music. It’s such an epic track and as a vocalist you pretty much have every different way to sing in this song, so it’s a real challenge trying to do it all.

#2 – “Broken Wings” by Alter Bridge

My favourite Alter Bridge song to sing. It actually carries a special place with me as well, as it’s the first song I ever sang at a karaoke bar in front of strangers. There is no song that this band plays that carries more musical emotion, holy freaking hell is the chorus of this song powerful! I never stop enjoying singing this song, it’s one where it challenges me to sing Myles Kennedy’s high vocal range and yet has parts I can really flourish in the lower range and really make it sound beautiful. This is my ultimate karaoke song, cause it’s actually available, unlike the #1 of this list…

#1 – “Ashes Of Eden” by Breaking Benjamin


Once my favourite band of all-time until Iron Maiden really came into my life, Breaking Benjamin has always been a band I’m constantly listening to. I was really sad when the band went on hiatus and there was a long break in between albums. But their newest album finally came out and man was it great to listen to them again. What I wasn’t expecting, was a song like “Ashes of Eden” where they cut away from the badass riffs and really brought out the emotion. They’ve tried to with songs like “Forever” and “Rain”, but they never hit hard like this song did. The melodies are so beautiful and the vocals are so damn good. The lyrics are paced perfectly with every sound, there isn’t a single section that sounds off or rushed. Every single syllable is great and a blast to sing and it’s a song that gets put to the front of my vocal playlist when I’m alone in the car every single time.

Thanks for checking out this week’s Top 10, hope you enjoyed this one as much as I loved writing it. Music is a passion of mine, I’m constantly playing my guitar and if I’m ever alone driving (which is a lot of the time going to and from work), I’m always singing.

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