I’m (Technically) A Pro Wrestling Champion

A nice, little, fun story that just happened recently:

So there’s a championship in the independent pro wrestling promotion, WrestleCircus called the WrestleCircus Sideshow Championship. It’s a belt like any other belt, except there’s a 24/7 defense rule and it’s taken completely literally. Anyone who’s ever heard of the DDT Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship knows what this kind of a belt means, as the DDT version has seen both men and women, cats, three different ladders and even the belt itself as the champion. If there’s a referee around, it can be taken at any moment.

It serves as a comedy gimmick, Joey Ryan has really taken it over since he first won the DDT version of the 24/7 belt, using it as a way to have several YouTube videos and even full sketches that lead to the next champion. Anyone and anything can win the belt.

So when the previous title holder, Jervis Cottonbelly (yes, that his name) got involved, things got a little crazy…

Those who are subscribed to the subreddit r/SquaredCircle (aka Wreddit) and have been around for a while know that the man behind the character of Jervis Cottonbelly frequents the subreddit and posts quite a bit, fully in character as well. So with his title defense coming up on the 17th, Jervis took to Wreddit to thank us for all the support and wanted us to help him during this defense with more support. Click here for the post.

Unfortunately, he “submitted” to Wreddit and well…this happened.

So in all the possible technicalities…as a subscriber of Wreddit…I AM YOUR NEW WRESTLECIRCUS SIDESHOW CHAMPION!!!

Well…more like 1/191000 of a champion, BUT I’M A CHAMPION, DAMN IT!!!

I…*sniff*…I just want to thank everyone who ever believed in me, everyone who supported me, everyone behind me, you guys are so awesome! It’s been a long and tough road…there were times I wanted to quit, but I stuck to it and in the end, my hard work paid off. I am a champion and I will defend this with my life.

Wait…the show’s tomorrow AND it’s in Austin, Texas?! Well shit…that’ll be a problem…

Ah well, I’m sure the other 190,999 folks can cover for me…

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