Colin Moriarty – A Kinda Funny, But Appalling Reaction

This. This tweet single-handedly offended the entire internet in a single day. Um…are you guys for real?

If you’ve been playing at home, folks, Colin Moriarty, now formerly from Kinda Funny tweeted this out on International Women’s Day as the worst possible dad joke possible. It was a joke, he knows it was a joke, I know it was a joke, anyone with two fucking brain cells knew it was a joke. And yet…the insane outpour of rage and false, downright horrendous journalism in response is something that if I had any faith in humanity left, it would’ve eliminated that last bit.

Now it sounds like Colin was already having issues with his colleagues at Kinda Funny, but does someone want to explain to me why a joke of this caliber is something that ends up getting him to decide to leave the company? Does anyone else at Kinda Funny understand what a joke is? If not, then change your name from Kinda Funny to Not All That Funny.

But what’s really insane is not even the outrage of those who are “offended”, which by the way, if you’re offended by that tweet, I’m sorry but please just barricade yourself inside a room, keep all technology out of your reach and just wither away and die. If this tweet is offensive to you, there are no words to describe how weak you are as a person and how unbelievably stupid you are. But what really pains me and legitimately offends me is the journalism that came out of this shockingly, offensive tweet. For example…

This isn’t some random blog page or small website, this is a major publication. A major publication has someone staffed on there that can read a tweet that’s solely about women and not only get offended by it, but proceed to call Colin a racism, completely unrelated to the tweet in question! Once again, we are going further in the direction of news being less about facts and all about insults, attacks and speculation. How is someone getting paid a decent sum of money to write garbage like this and not be fired on the spot? If you’re a journalist, do your fucking job, get the facts and report the facts. Don’t make shit up, don’t overreact and over-accentuate, just report the story as it’s factually told. Otherwise, get the fuck out of the business, you’re clearly not cut out for it.

What else can I say? We’re living in a society full of liars and attackers. We’re not living in a world where the facts matter, feelings mean more than facts. That’s a real problem and until it gets fixed, we are nothing more than a joke of a race that deserves every bad thing possible to happen to us. There must not be life outside our universe, because by now they would’ve just destroyed us so they don’t have to see this ridiculous bullshit anymore.

For those wanting to listen to actual smart, decent people, here’s Colin on the Rubin Report after all this broke out.

2 thoughts on “Colin Moriarty – A Kinda Funny, But Appalling Reaction”

    1. If you watch the video I posted at the end of the video, Colin at one point says he’s positive that no one was legitimately offended by the tweet in the way that the definition truly describes. I agree with him in that people generally aren’t offended, they just see an opening, an opportunity to try and take someone of notoriety down.

      You wonder why someone with less than 250 followers can have a banner that’s literally just girl butts in striped underwear? I have zero notoriety. It’s not worth their time to go after me, what would they get out of it? But a channel like Kinda Funny with over 200,000 subscribers? Sure it was just Colin they were after, but he’s got a reputation to his name, hence why so many attacked him over the most minor of jokes.

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