Saturday Morning Rant: We Get Death Threats Too!

This rant is likely going to piss a few people off and admittedly it’s a bit late to the party, but it’s something I’ve had on my mind for a while now and it’s just something I kept forgetting to talk about on one of these rants.

Now first, let me start off by clarifying that I’m not saying it’s okay for anyone to get death threats. Take note of what I said too by the way, ANYONE who receives death threats, not just women, or specifically women who are “fighting against sexism and misogyny”. Under no circumstances do I think it’s okay to send someone a death threat, no matter how unlikely it is for that person to commit to it. I don’t think sending death threats or threats that intend to harm someone “for the lulz” is funny, not one bit, I think it’s a childish, poor way to get a message across that could be summed up so much easier with “I don’t like you.”.

But here’s where my issue is. For the longest time, all the way from Anita Sarkeesian onward, I have seen time and time again women specifically on the side of feminism using the “I’ve gotten death threats” as a way to promote their message further, to gain sympathy from people. I’m not saying they aren’t getting death threats, I’m sure they are and in droves, because when the internet hates a person, they can’t help themselves, they go beyond over the line, as we’ve seen on so many occasions. But I feel like they’re using these death threats not as a way to make them stronger and commit harder to their message, but to gain sympathy from their followers and in some cases, put a little more change in their pocket.

It’s funny to me when I see this happen, because they make it sound like they’re the only ones who receive death threats, as if feminists are the only people that the internet has ever sent death threats too. Please, there are more than a handful of people who send children on various social media sites and apps death threats and on a regular basis. There’s certainly more people than just women being sent death threats. Do you think Pewdiepie doesn’t get death threats? What about JonTron? TotalBiscuit? AlphaOmegaSin? All guys on YouTube and other forms of social media, they must not get death threats, right? They’re men, who would possibly send them death threats? That’s the narrative that gets pushed when people try to use the “I get death threats!” tactic, it makes it sound like they’re the only one, as if it’s not a normal thing.

How normal is it? Even I’ve gotten one. Yes, I, CSRadical, the guy with less than 500 followers on my blog, 100 subscribers on YouTube, 100 followers on Twitter, I’ve gotten a single death threat. I’m surprised honestly it’s only been one, perhaps I’m not trying hard enough, eh? And I’m nobody in comparison to names I’ve listed above and I’ve gotten sent a death threat. What does that mean? Well I’m still standing here for one thing and the message was sent…I want to say just over a month ago now. I didn’t respond to it, in fact I laughed at it and took it as a sense of pride for me. I didn’t immediately rush to my page and spam articles and tweets a’plenty about how I was hit hard by a death threat from a callous, black-hearted individual and please…PLEASE!!!, send me your praise and sympathy so that I may get through this difficult time!

Folks, it’s the internet, don’t take it too seriously. I get stupid comments often, it’s not worth bringing any attention to it. What do I gain from responding to someone who responded to something I said with “Fuck you, faggot!”? What can I possibly say that’ll get this person to change their ways? Especially in the case of someone who’s trolling and just saying it because it’s funny to them and there’s no consequence to doing it, what’s going to make them change? Not a damn thing. So when it comes to death threats, it’s not worth worrying about, I could die at any moment without having someone wanting to kill me themselves. I could die in a car crash, a building collapsing, a wild animal attacking me, a sudden disease infecting me, there are so many ways I can die without anyone getting involved, why bother worrying about another way I could die?

Once again, I’m not saying death threats are okay, but I am so sick and tired of seeing articles, videos and tweets only from women. It makes it seem like they’re the only ones getting them, which isn’t true and it also makes it seem like it must be okay if men are sent death threats, because that fact is never mentioned, it’s never brought to the forefront.

But of course, who cares about men, right? Because y’know, we’re all about equality here…

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