The Top 10s Are Getting A Break

Just a quick post here pertaining to the Top 10 articles I’ve been posting weekly on Sundays for a while now.

While I’m not ending them completely, I have decided to take them off a weekly basis. This is solely because I’m running out of ideas, they’re not coming to me as fast as my Saturday Morning Rants do. I want all my articles to be ones that I’m way into writing, not ones I’m forcing out because of a schedule. Obviously this happened near the end of last year with all the Spotlight articles, the same is happening here. My Top 10s haven’t become work yet, but they’re close, so I’m putting a stop to it before I start hating writing them and not wanting to do them again.

I don’t know how often they’ll get posted, but they will be sticking to Sundays if I do end up writing any. If one comes to my head during the week, that’ll get posted, but I’m not going to force myself to post one every week now, when I’m sitting in front of my computer for a couple hours trying to think of one.

And I think also with the reviews I’m starting to rack up and the more “in recent news” kind of articles I’ve been doing, I’m balancing out the missing holes anyways, so it’s not bothering me a whole lot that I’m posting one less article a week, it’ll be replaced.


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