The Spoiler Section: Power Rangers

Welcome to the spoilers section. This is not meant to be a well-written post or review, this is just a bunch of jotted down nitpicks of mine from watching the film. For the actual review, click here.

So let’s sit down and gush/criticize what we saw, shall we?

  • Right off the bat, they better not fuck up the Green Ranger/Tommy in the second film, if one does end up happening, which I honestly hope does. But then again, how well it does at the box office will determine that.
  • Do I think the movie will make money? I have the feeling it’ll operate at a loss, but my hope is that it’s not a catastrophic loss of money. I think there’s a lot of promise in the film, but this potential gem needs a lot of polishing.
  • So many things looked so bad. Like I said in the review, holy fuck Goldar and the Putties look terrible. But I didn’t mention the Megazord, which looks like an interdimensional alien more than anything else. Which is extremely disappointing given how awesome the Zords individually looked. Speaking of the Megazord, WHY THE FUCK DID THEY NOT HAVE THEM ALL SITTING TOGETHER?!!! THEIR PLACEMENTS ON THE MEGAZORD LOOKED SO DUMB!!!
  • If Rita Repulsa in the original Power Rangers series lost her first real fight with the Rangers that easily and then got bitch slapped into space, this series never would have gotten as legendary as it did. The entire final battle was a steaming pile of shit, it was too quick and the conclusion was nothing special. It ended with a joke. The serious, depressing, dark story started as such and then ended with a fucking joke. Great.
  • Billy’s death was a weird one for me, I’m still not sure whether I’m mad that of all the things it took, they had to technically kill off a character to get the Power Rangers to morph, or if I’m surprised they had the balls to do it.
  • For a movie that was clearly marketed to an all-age audience (granted, it’s PG), there was a lot of adult content in there. A dick joke, Kimberly stripping down to her underwear, Trini’s near-lesbian encounter with Rita. I can’t believe this film didn’t get a 14+ rating and only a PG.
  • Seriously guys, how much of that 100 million dollar budget was from Krispy Kreme? That was such a blatant and insulting product placement.

Anything else I’m missing, shout it out in the comments below!

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