Sexy, Beauty or Cutie? #1

For almost 50 straight weeks now, I’ve been talking about anime and game girls I know about and have watched and I’ve been talking about whether their personalities meshed with me to the point that I thought I could fall in love with them, or if at best they were a one-time only thing. Now I think it’s time to give the girls I don’t know a thing about a chance to let their looks speak for themselves.

Thus, welcome to Sexy, Beauty or Cutie, where I go through random anime characters through and decide whether they best fall into the sexy, beauty, or cutie spectrum when it comes to looks. Now because of this, I’m only selecting anime girls that I actually think look good, which is generally most of them, but this does mean my own personal preferences will keep some girls out. Generally speaking, that just means old women, as in seniors and what anime designs as a “fat girl”, which generally is morbidly obese, as anime is always an over-exaggeration of everything.

So with that being said, let’s hop to it! We’ve got three lovely contestants for you today, let’s bring them out!

Hinata from Legend Seven (Visual Novel)

At first glance, Hinata certainly leans towards the cute side. Bright pink hair, twintails, dresses in very cute clothes, seems pretty straightforward, right? Maybe not so fast on that. Upon further research, there’s also a lean towards the other two sides as well, she has some very beautiful looking moments and upon the revelation that she has a larger chest than her kind of look generally has, she adds a little bit to her sexy side, as admittedly the 18+ picture show. She’s definitely got a hotter body than the initial first look shows off.

However, her style choices really lean towards the cute side for sure. The bright pink wardrobe, a cute little hairpin, she definitely goes out of her way to look cute more than anything else, despite the surprisingly sexy frame she has.

There’s definitely a hidden sexiness to Hinata, but based on what I see, she leans heavily on the cute side. Out of her clothes, she’s got a real hot body hidden underneath those clothes, but the Hinata you’re seeing 99.9% of the time is without a shadow of a doubt with her heavy reliance on pinks and her twintail hair, she’s an absolute cutie!

Kiyomi Mounai – Koi-iro Sora Moyou (Visual Novel)

Not as much to go on here, but from the couple of pictures I see of Kiyomi, mostly in uniform, she’s definitely straying away from the sexy side for sure. While she has a bit of a bust, her hairstyle, her general stature, none of it screams out sexy at all, rather she comes off more innocent and well-composed, a very pretty, adorable girl that probably gets passed on many times because y’know it’s anime and there’s a plethora of sexier girls with bigger breasts and are more likely to fall over and expose their panties. Kiyomi doesn’t come off that way to me, she’s definitely a lot better than that.

She doesn’t go out of her way either to show off. Her uniform looks very standard, the one picture I found of her out of uniform was very conservative, sure a little tight and showing how large her chest actually is, but she’s not over-the-top with showing off her body. She’s very much a flower.

Kiyomi leans to the beauty side for sure, but in all honestly she’s not exactly the prettiest girl either. Nothing really screams at me in any direction to a large extent, she’s a very average-looking anime girl, which in real life is at least a 7 out of 10. She’s pretty, but there’s nowhere near as much there as so many other anime girls out there.

Hinano Kudou – Mirai Nostalgia

Now here’s an interesting case! I’ve come across this girl before through my various runs through Zerochan and boy is she deceptively sexy. Of course, in this picture you can see she’s got quite the chest, but Hinano’s still wearing a very elegant, pretty dress and looking like a million bucks. But upon deeper looks into her, she really shows off just how hot she is when that dress is off and she’s walking around at home in her green/white striped underwear that would make Hatsune Miku jealous for pulling it off so well. There’s no doubt about it, she’s got an extremely sexy body, one of the most perfect examples of a girl with glasses who’s a hell of a lot sexier than the average perception we have of girls with glasses.

In terms of her wardrobe, her underwear choices aside, Hinano does stay quite conservative. She can wear a short skirt, but she tends to go the route of the longer dresses and retain a more elegant, gorgeous look to her. She can’t really do much with those dresses to hide her chest, but she does what she can otherwise to retain that image.

Hinano comes oh so close to a sexier lean, but there’s no denying her main look of that being an absolutely gorgeous young woman. I’m glad the randomizer led me to her cause I’d totally forgotten about her and man do I feel like an idiot for forgetting her. The artists on the visual novel did a fantastic job with her design, a perfect mixture of elegance, beauty and a real secret sexy body underneath it all. Man oh man, there’s going to be few girls that get featured in this series who encapsulates the same level of beauty that she does.

And that’s it for this week’s edition of Sexy, Beauty or Cutie! Thank you so much for checking it out, I hope you guys enjoyed this first attempt at a new series of articles. This one’s certainly easier for me than the Waifu, FWB or One-Night Stand as I don’t have to know anything about them, I just have to call it as I see it, literally.

See you next week!

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