My Dreams Are Assholes (Yet So Interesting)

We all dream. We all have different sets of dreams, some of us get more nightmares than others, some get more positive dreams. Our dreams could be about anything, from something embarrassing happening to you (usually you’re younger for these and without pants on), memories of family and friends, all the way to the more messed up things like nightmares and dreams you just can’t explain to anyone clearly, no matter how vividly you remember the dream itself.

I’ve been very lucky in the recent years of my life to be almost completely devoid of nightmares. In terms of what I’d consider a nightmare, they always ended the same way for me. You might have a similar way to end nightmares, maybe not, but for me they always ended the same way, I would scream and fall to the ground and close my eyes, as if I was willing myself back to sleep, watching as the figure of my nightmare, whether someone I knew, an animal, a monster, or anything else would come from around the corner to try and end me, but always never making it before I feel back into slumber. Thankfully, these dreams are a once a month at best kind of thing nowadays and it really helps me out. It’s nice not waking up and shaking in fear.

The problem is, there was a catch to my brain being nice and not scaring the shit out of me every night: It got to be an asshole every step of the way afterwards.

I pretty much wake up from every dream with one of two reactions. Number one: “…the fuck?!”. Number two: “THE FUCK, MAN?!!!”. My dreams are pretty much either so messed up I can’t explain how my brain concocted such a weird amalgamation of items, or they’re the biggest cockblockers I will ever know.

I think it’s so interesting how our brains work in dreams. My messed up dreams, the ones that make zero sense, the ones I could never hope to explain, they’re the reason for my what will be lifelong interest in dreams. I’m in my 29th year on this planet and I know almost nothing about how my brain works, hell we’re still at a time where scientists still don’t have much of a clue how our brains work. I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out a couple of things about how at least my brain puts dreams together though.

First off, everything you experience in your dreams takes roots in something you have seen with your own eyes. It may not be a perfect match, but everything you see and experience is something you have seen with those very eyes your brain is making you believe you’re seeing with in your dreams. Sometimes what you see will be a mixture of things you’ve seen, I find these are usually places, not people, at least with me. There have been many times I’ve been in a place that is a bridge between my elementary school and a friend’s house that’s at least two hours away. It’s like being on a television set where you walk out a door of one set and you end up in another that in storyline is nowhere near that location.

The most interesting thing I’ve figured out has to do with the majority of people you see in your dreams, specifically the ones you don’t recognize. How many dreams have you had where you’re spending it solely with one person and you fully believe you’ve never seen this person before in your life. I think that’s not true, you have seen this person before. You may not have met them in person, but you’ve definitely seen them. I managed to do this once that I can at least still vividly remember to this day. I had a dream where I was working in a restaurant that doubled as a beach house, restaurant downstairs, living space upstairs. So at a particular dead moment, it was just me and this co-worker, a young girl. I still remember her perfectly, long dark brown hair, brown eyes, a darker skin tone (perhaps it was a tan) and the orange bikini she was wearing. It was one of those dreams where you woke up, feeling like you experienced real emotion in there, I truly felt like I was deeply in love with this fictitious person. Or at least I thought she was fictitious. Fast forward a week later, I’m surfing on Facebook and a picture was being shared, an already uploaded picture that was being shared as a memory post. The picture I came across on my feed way before the dream, a picture of a friend of mine with four of her friends when they were at the beach. In that picture, it was unmistakable, that very girl I saw in my dreams, she was standing right there in the photo, a perfect match. I truly believe that a lot of what populates our dreams are images and people we store in the metaphorical backs of our minds, the things we see that we don’t take note of ourselves, the things we see in our peripheral vision.

But my dreams aren’t always cool, thought-provoking sets of unexplainable imagery. As you’d probably guess from the content I post here often, I have a “fondness” for the human body. I daydream a lot about sex and that kind of stuff, so it only makes sense that I would dream about sex while I sleep as well, right? Well I certainly do, except there’s one major problem with those dreams. Rarely do I ever actually stay asleep long enough to get to the good stuff. I usually “lucky” enough to see the person or people involved either fully naked, or at the least in their underwear, but I think as many times a month I have a nightmare, that’s as many times as I actually get beyond that point.

I can “experience” so many other real-feeling things in my dreams. I’ve been in fights, I’ve fallen from high places, I’ve been stabbed, shot, on fire and electrocuted. Yet when it comes to that oh so familiar feelings of intercourse, I rarely ever experience that feeling in my dreams. Which is why I’m positive my own brain is cockblocking me. Maybe it’s just trying to keep me in line, stay faithful, y’know? Either way, my brain’s still an asshole! I was so close to a threesome with Japanese twins, man!!!

So whether it’s the unexplainable or the frustration, a lot of my dreaming leaves me almost always waking up in confusion of how my brain could come up with such a thing. It will never stop interesting me however, just how our brains operate and how they come up with the images that we believe we’re seeing in real time. Which annoys me further when they’re dreams I want to stay longer in, I KNOW THAT DREAM WAS ONLY A HALF-HOUR AT MOST IN REAL TIME, I SLEPT FOR SEVEN HOURS, YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!

I’ve only got two of them posted so far, but if this kind of stuff interests you, check out my two Radical Dreamers posts where I talk in-depth about dreams that I had that I needed to get out because they were so vivid and memorable, one for awesome reasons, one for more horrific reasons.

So what do you think about dreaming? What do you usually dream about and have you ever thought and maybe even figured out how they might work for you? Post your thoughts in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “My Dreams Are Assholes (Yet So Interesting)”

  1. Looks like you have a lot of turmoil going on in that brain of yours. Plus dreams could reflect realty. So what’s your life like? Start getting enough sex so you’ll stop thinking and dreaming about it you don’t want a succubus visiting you……


    1. My sex life is actually quite healthy, so it certainly isn’t that. Also, the amount of sexually-themed dreams are quite low in comparison to all these illogical, unexplainable dreams I have.

      And as for the succubus, I’ve watched enough anime to know that the majority of succubi are actually extremely shy (for some reason, aka anime logic), so I’m not that worried, hahaha!

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