The Spoiler Section: Ghost In The Shell

Welcome to the spoilers section. This is not meant to be a well-written post or review, this is just a bunch of jotted down nitpicks of mine from watching the film. For the actual review, click here.

So let’s sit down and gush/criticize what we saw, shall we? Though since I’m not as knowledgeable with the anime, this’ll be short.

  • I have to say, I was super impressed by the filmmakers’ decision to explain the non-Asian actress playing Motoko Kusanagi by having Motoko as a young girl who was kidnapped and used as a sacrificial body as an experiment towards putting a human brain in a synthetic body. Now Wikipedia shows she’s both Mira Killian and Motoko Kusanagi, but I did not know this, so the moment it was revealed that she “was” Motoko Kusanagi was a really cool revelation for me.
  • The scene where she visited her old home and met her mother was a really good scene, full of sorrow and a little bit of awkwardness.
  • Holy shit the car crash with the doctor scared the shit out of me! Even though I knew it coming!
  • I felt like Hideo/Kuze in the end really didn’t do anything once he was with Motoko. It’s a common thing I hate seeing in films where someone is extremely powerful but once the main character is involved, they’re almost powerless.
  • I was a little weirded out when Major gave consent to kill Cutter but didn’t give either name, just Major. That was the moment she should have said “My name is Major Motoko Kusanagi and I give my consent.” and it would’ve been badass!

Hope you guys enjoyed the film as much as I did, don’t forget to post your comments on the film’s spoilers and stuff in the comments below!

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