Week #13 – Winter Anime 2017

Week #13 has arrived with this Winter anime season. What’s in store this week?!

As always I’m live reacting (though typing it out to be posted later) to each episode I watch and going over what happens in each episode with the occasional quip and joke here and there. So for those trying to avoid spoilers, this entire article is full of them!

Akiba's Trip: The Animation (Ep.1)
Akiba’s Trip: The Animation (Ep.13)


So many are being arrested, both the vigilantes and former villains. Until Electric Mayo arrives looking like Ghostbusters and starts dealing with the police. Tamotsu and Mayo are busy trying to find the villain, when they find a reporter working for them reveals their intent is to take over Akihabara and then try to overthrow the government to create an independent nation. They find their secret base through the reporter and make their way in. Also, Mayo’s apparently 78 years old. Wow, she’s got the best butt ever for a 78 year old. The two fall into endless traps and then get into a fight with two bodyguard, along with copies of many of the villains, except they’re defeated fast, all of them. They reach the main room where her grandmother is waiting. It’s clear she’s driven by hate after World War II caused Matome’s mother and father to die and attacks them with everything she has. Meanwhile the others are with Matome’s sister when a giant…thing starts destroying the city, having Matome imprisoned within it. It’s fitting that her grandmother who thinks humans are depraved, yet she wears the most revealing outfit in the end. The professor meanwhile has a secret weapon ready, but they need Matome with the other two girls first. But her sister takes her place, her memory jostled and making her think she’s Matome. Tamotsu meanwhile is trying to save the real one and is saved by Pyuko!!! He saves Mayo and then Pyuko is for-sure destroyed this time (maybe). There’s a concert going on meanwhile with the three girls and the secret weapon are glowsticks that release something into the air. It transforms Matome and Tamotsu into a giant…love statue? Bah, it’s Akiba’s Trip, why am I asking questions. Through everyone’s support, they eventually defeat her grandmother. Also Pyuko’s still alive, but needs a few patches to fix herself (hahahaha!). I love how afterwards how no one notes that y’know…GRANDMA’S NAKED!!! But because she’s naked, she fades away after apologizing to her. Except the professors traps her essence before she’s completely gone, she’s not getting away that easily. The politician is overthrown and Tamotsu’s friend Santa is appointed the new one. LET THE FESTIVAL CONTINUE!!! However, the two fighters discover their powers still prevent them from leaving Akibahara. They try to kiss for real when future Arisa and Niwaka carry them away. Apparently it’s their fault, so they must fix it. 


  • Everything you could ask for in an over-the-top anime making fun of every trope and cliche in the book
  • Even Grandma’s sexy as fuck!


  • Nothing to report at all, loved the end of this show and its recovery

Episode Score: 5/5




Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon (Ep.1)
Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon (Ep.12)


Tohru is having a blast cleaning the house before Kobayashi and Kanna return home. She’s having trouble making dinner taste really good and knows her tail isn’t an option, when Lucoa shows up with snacks. It’s clear this will turn into an episode when everyone under the sun will give Tohru an ingredient to put in the rice dish she’s making, or at least give her one piece of advice to the point she’ll overdo it. When she learns how expensive things are, she goes through a portal and returns with…something. Oh dear, that’s a lot of somethings that aren’t from this world. Returning home, Kobayashi thinks she’s getting a good normal meal, oh dear I’m so sorry Kobayashi. Except she gets drunk and misses her stop. OHHHHHH! It’s a memory of her meeting Tohru. Drunk Kobayashi just wanted to hug her, hahaha! Pissed off drunken Kobayashi then drunk power pulled the sword out of Tohru and is still pissed and wants to drink more and have a dragon listen to her drunken ramblings. Did I mention how drunk she is? They drink together and that’s when she talks about being alone and then asks Tohru to come home with her…and the demands she be her maid as well. She wakes up and returns home for reals this time and oh dear. Later, Tohru ends up talking about her past and a human that in the other world that befriended her once. This girl talked about being a maid if she was free, perhaps explaining why the all-powerful dragon didn’t take issue with being told by Kobayashi to be essentially a servant for her. We see that in the present day, that girl got her wish as well. Oh dear, the portal opened and a very evil dragon looks to be coming out.

I know there’s one more episode, but since I’m transitioning into the spring season next week, I’ll watch Ep.13 on my own. Assume that this series was as fantastic as it has been for the first 12 episodes. Solely on Kanna’s back though, let’s be honest. 


  • A curious look into Tohru’s origins
  • Kobayashi drunkenly demanding that because Tohru mistook her for a boy, that she got to squeeze Tohru’s boobs. Excellent!


  • I don’t like the show suddenly trying to put a villain (possibly) in at the end, I kinda liked it staying goofy

Episode Score: 4/5




Youjo Senki (Ep.1)
Youjo Senki (Ep.12)


Tanya is trying to visit the generals, but upon learning they’re celebrating victory, she leaves further pissed off. Erich comes across the almost defeated looking Tanya and asks her to give her unfiltered opinion, to which she answers that Strategic HQ knows how to create a victory but not how to use it. He then gives her a report about her disobeying orders, thinking she isn’t one to do so, but is starting to be a little annoyed by her attitude. She says that HQ are being foolish, referring to her own history in that we as humans believe in rationalism, but don’t understand how important to take revenge into account. In other words, she believes that the Republic may still be in this fight and they may do something extremely crazy to try and regain ground. Sure enough, a report comes in of a small force still active elsewhere. Naturally, the generals throw the 203rd at the problem, but one of the generals ponders if another country could be joining the enemy forces. Tanya meanwhile…REALLY wants to shoot a religious statue right now. She knows that taking two countries in the center of the continent will make all the surrounding ones out of fear throw everything they have at the Empire now to stop them, fearing they’ll be next if they don’t act. The Empire has become the evil enemy to everyone who isn’t the Empire. We see a US girl named Mary Sioux (Mary Sue) who I can clearly figure is going to be Tanya’s rival, perhaps God himself gifts this girl ultimate power. 

After the credits, Tanya gives her anti-God speech, saying that he must not be an all-good being if he’s subjecting people like herself and her comrades to an infinite supply of violence and cruelty. She claims she will kill God and take his place. 

Well that was a whole lot of nothing for the end, zero closure. Season 2, anyone? I’m considering it, but man these last few episodes will make me think at least twice about it.


  • I honestly don’t have much to add here, I was extremely bored


  • No battles, no real crazy Tanya and the ending literally doesn’t exist
  • I don’t care we got the Tanya I want in the post-credits, why haven’t we been getting this all this time before?

Episode Score: 2.5/5

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