Sexy, Beauty or Cutie? #4

Welcome to Sexy, Beauty or Cutie, where I go through random anime characters through and decide whether they best fall into the sexy, beauty, or cutie spectrum when it comes to looks. Now because of this, I’m only selecting anime girls that I actually think look good, which is generally most of them, but this does mean my own personal preferences will keep some girls out. Generally speaking, that just means old women, as in seniors and what anime designs as a “fat girl”, which generally is morbidly obese, as anime is always an over-exaggeration of everything.

So with that being said, let’s hop to it! We’ve got three lovely contestants for you today, let’s bring them out!

Rachel Benning – Red Garden

Starting off this week, we have likely the oldest anime girl so far in these posts in Rachel, but it’s anime, for all I know she’s 14. Rachel certainly carries this sense of elegance about her in most pictures I’ve seen of her, however there are pictures where she looks a little more tomboyish, it appears to be maybe her when she’s a little younger and obviously a little more rebellious. Though I’ll admit in the majority of pictures she’s in, she’s not exactly the most attractive looking to me, though I usually do take issue with women caked in makeup and having their nails done to look what in my eyes is a bit ridiculous. She looks like she’s really snobbish to me.

Her clothing style is a lot in the same, a lot of dresses, high-end looking. When she’s not looking like she’s at a fancy dinner party, she does have a bit of a pants and top combo, but even her tops look like she’s dressing to impress. And they all certainly lean to the elegant side.

Easily the least attractive character so far on this set of posts, at least in my eyes, Rachel really doesn’t show me very much that’s attractive. But if I’m to lean her in any one direction, it’s obviously towards the Beauty side, she dresses very elegant, her hair is done to make her look beautiful rather than cute or sexy, but the main part is because her look and frame just doesn’t lean in any other direction, I don’t look at her and thinks she’s either cute or sexy at all.

Tail Ol Mehelim – Heroic Age

Next up is Tail, who immediately gets an advantage because she’s in a space anime and as we all know, spacesuits show EVERYTHING! In terms of her body type though, she’s packing a respectable bust size, which is amplified by the spacesuit, not to mention her butt which looks fantastic. Though while her frame leans towards sexy, her hair and facial expressions lean her towards the cute and pretty sides of the spectrum as well.

As I said, her spacesuit that she’s wearing in pretty much all these pictures I’m finding her in, it amplifies her sexiness as there’s nothing to cover her up with, the suit is form-fitting. The one picture I’m seeing of her in anything different is a very adorable looking pink dress that I can’t help but be mesmerized by her being in.

She could really be any of these three categories, but in the end, I lean her just slightly towards the cutie side more than anything else. I think with her hair and the fact that she doesn’t seem to ever be posed in a sexual manner, there isn’t enough to put her over the edge on the sexy side, which her clothing tries its best to lean her towards. In the end though, her smile does it, she’s a cutie through and through.

Yukino Ozawa – Body Transfer

Oh hey, upon research, this is a girl from a hentai anime. Well this might get skewed real quick. Anyways, her body leans in all three directions, but definitely more on the cute side with her short hair and her smile, but her frame and especially her large breasts leaning her towards the sexy side. I’d say she’s still pretty, but the other two sides really supercede that above all else. Her stature doesn’t come off to me at all like she’s trying to be the center of sexual attention, she’s very normal in the way she poses and with how her facial expressions go.

With her clothes as well, it’s really hard to tell how she is, as the entire time she appears to either be in her school uniform, or nothing at all. So it’s really hard to tell how she is by her clothes when all we’re getting here is a standard school uniform. Though her skirt’s a little shorter than you’d expect, so perhaps she dresses outside of school showing a little more skin than normal?

This really could just be because the only times I’m seeing Yukino is when she’s scissoring another girl, but from what I do get from her is definitely a sexy vibe more than anything else. Her body heavily leans in that direction and because I don’t have the knowledge of how she dresses outside of school, I have nothing else to shoot off of, so I have no way of being able to tell if she leans in any other direction more, thus sexy is where she lands.

And that’s it for this week’s edition of Sexy, Beauty or Cutie! Thank you so much for checking it out, I hope you guys enjoyed this week’s edition! Don’t forget to comment below about what you think about this week’s contestants!

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