Sexy, Beauty or Cutie? #7

Welcome to Sexy, Beauty or Cutie, where I go through random anime characters through and decide whether they best fall into the sexy, beauty, or cutie spectrum when it comes to looks. Now because of this, I’m only selecting anime girls that I actually think look good, which is generally most of them, but this does mean my own personal preferences will keep some girls out. Generally speaking, that just means old women, as in seniors and what anime designs as a “fat girl”, which generally is morbidly obese, as anime is always an over-exaggeration of everything.

So with that being said, let’s hop to it! We’ve got three lovely contestants for you today, let’s bring them out!

Shura Kirigakure – Blue Exorcist

I’ve yet to watch Blue Exorcist, but I’ve seen a number of character designs from the show and it’s safe to say crazy hair is very much the norm in that world. However in Shura’s case, I have to say right off the bat that I cannot stand her hair. She either needs to remove the yellow tips or the long ponytail and go with a much shorter haircut. This current hairstyle in all the pictures I’ve seen of her, only looks passable in a few of them, the rest it just doesn’t work with her look, I feel. So it takes away from any trait she truly has, though if I was to lean her body in a certain direction, it’s pretty obvious that it’s more of a sexy lean than anything else. I don’t give get a hint of cute vibes from her, so taking in her “tomboy with giant breasts” look into account, the sexy lean is the only lean in my opinion here.

Clothing-wise she’s actually a lot better off helping herself than her hair. Granted, the majority of the time, she’s just in a bikini top and pants, but the slight change when she switches out the pants for denim shorts and white thigh-highs with leather boots, that’s a great look for her, really brings out the sexy tomboy in her, without a doubt. She’ll also often have a top on, but it’s an open shirt or jacket that still exposed her bikini top and cleavage, so again, points to the sexy side for her.

Shura’s easily the lowest scoring individual on this list for me, because of two things. One of course being her hair that just look awful in my eyes, but the other is how her facial expressions just don’t offer anything. I don’t know a thing about her character, but judging by the lack of good facial expressions she has, I don’t imagine she’s the most fun girl in the world. Everything she does just takes away from the sexiness she clearly has, I think she’d have a much higher rating, especially in that category if her hair didn’t look terrible and she had a few more poses and faces that contributed to that side of her. But because she doesn’t offer much, it’s hard to give her many points at all here.

Patricia “Patty” Thompson – Soul Eater

This is an easy two-way street with Patty, she’s either super cute with her quirky, innocent look, or she’s secretly really sexy with her slim, yet well-proportioned body. Her haircut and face really sends her towards the cute side, especially taking her facial expressions into account, she’s cheesy as all hell. But at the same time, just look at the girl’s chest! The girl’s packing! Not only that, but she’s showing off her stomach, there’s quite a lot of her to look at.

Her clothes contribute to this as well. As I said earlier, there’s her top that exposes her stomach completely and is super-tight so her breasts are out in full. Pair that with denim short shorts and you’ve got quite the sexy combination. Though I’ve gotta say the hat and tie look a little strange and quirky.

In the end though, I still had to give the edge to her cute side. Regardless of how her body is actually quite sexually defined with her large breasts and her clothes only add onto it, it’s her quirky personality and the over-the-top facial expressions she makes that leans her ever so slightly more on the cute side. Not to mention, it’s hard not to put an anime girl on the cute side when she has the smile that she does. She could have the sexiest body, that smile would still compete super hard to keep her looking more cute than sexy.

Mariah Wong – Beyblade

I totally forgot about Mariah! Wow, talk about a blast from the past! Anyways, given her age for one thing, but also her over-the-top obnoxious pink hair and the giant bows in it, I think in Mariah’s case, that despite her growing breasts and the potential that she grows into a real sexy woman, she’s definitely fighting a battle between being pretty and being cute. Her body’s definitely leaning towards the traditional anime tomboy, albeit with the obnoxious long pink hair in addition to it. She’s not really ever shown as being “hot” per se, though is more a case of her being a character in a children’s anime more than anything else, I imagine.

Her clothes are in the same boat. There’s nothing that draws attention to her body in a sexual manner, even with her breasts certainly there. There’s little skin being shown, in fact really the only skin she shows is her arms and they look quite defined, which again calls away any sexual attention towards her. You don’t even get a chance to see some butt with her white pants, as she’s got a pink shirt tied around her waist to cover it. So it’s a battle again between beauty and being cute.

For Mariah, the end decision was pretty much made due to her colour palette. The over-usage of pinks really make it an easy choice towards the cute side, she is a very pretty girl, but the pink is so overwhelming it brings a sort of childish look to her, which you will almost always lean on the cute side towards. Part of me wonders if she had any different hair colour that she could’ve gotten a different decision, because the pink is just so strong with her character, it’s almost like someone in a character creator just sticking to a single colour for everything to the point it’s nearly blinding.

And that’s it for this week’s edition of Sexy, Beauty or Cutie! Thank you so much for checking it out, I hope you guys enjoyed this week’s edition! Don’t forget to comment below about what you think about this week’s contestants!

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