Mario Kart 8 Is Offensive?!

This’ll be a quick one, not as quick as me passing you in Mario Kart, but pretty quick!

So I don’t have a Nintendo Switch, so of course I haven’t played Mario Kart 8 Deluxe yet, fully equipped with new content, including the characters from Splatoon. In particular, the Inkling Girl has created quite a lot of “controversy” and by a lot, I mean none at all. But that doesn’t stop publicly traded companies from bending to the will of the easily offended, even before anything truly happened in regards to the controversy in question.

For those wondering what the Inkling Girl could have possibly done to offend people, here’s the pose in question that does so:

Oh my god! I’m so sorry you had to see that! I might as well just shut my blog down forever now, I’ve clearly offended everyone under the sun with my filthy actions. Call the cops and put me in cuffs!

Kidding aside, what you’re seeing here is just a symbolic way in some European countries, particularly Italy, to say “fuck you”. I mean…it could also just be a girl flexing her muscles and feeling said guns, or maybe, just maybe, it’s a pose. Nothing more, nothing less. Oh yeah and IT’S A FUCKING VIDEO GAME SET IN A FICTIONAL WORLD THAT HAS NO CONNECTION TO REALITY WHATSOEVER!!!

If anything, I think it’s just a shitty pose, I don’t even know what would possess someone to pose like that. Why not just pump your fist? Seems like going the extra mile to hold your bicep, that’s too much extra work for me. Hell, maybe she hurt her arm during the race? All right, I’ve got nothing left, the point is that this was an unnecessary censorship if there ever was one. If anyone was going to be “offended” by this, they’re reaching, I’m sorry but you’re reaching to the highest degree.

And besides, in a game like Mario Kart, wouldn’t it be fitting to have a “fuck you” emote anyway?

4 thoughts on “Mario Kart 8 Is Offensive?!”

  1. the reason is that pose is not offensive in japan and is empowering in America but it is offensive in europe. it wasn’t caught before shipping because nintendo only really follows japan and america.

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  2. Wow, it does not take much to actually offend people now. Soon characters will be totally pixilated on the screen just to ensure nothing can be seen clearly enough to determine whether it might be offensive.


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