Saturday Morning Rants Are No More

Right off the bat, don’t worry, this isn’t me reducing content on the page. I’m also not removing my ranting nature from the blog, so this change is really just one in name and date. I just came to the conclusion this week that having a specific date and a specific name to a single rant just didn’t make sense in my head anymore.

The idea of a “Saturday Morning Rant” was just a fun idea in my head that would get me to pick a topic every week and rant about it. The problem is that after a while, I would have nothing truly fueling me to go crazy and tear something apart. If you read several of these posts, you probably notice a few that were far more tame compared to others. Those would be the weeks where I had nothing too rage-inducing to get me going, usually due to me not wanting to wait until Saturday to release an article about something that royally pissed me off on let’s say a Tuesday. And it’s because of that kind of situation that I’m stopping the Saturday-specific rant posts. I can’t guarantee myself I’ll have something that lives up to the name every single Saturday. Sometimes stuff doesn’t come up in a week, or they come up too early in the week that if I don’t write it ASAP, I’ll lose the angered edge to it.

I’m not surprised if anyone thinks after this that maybe at one point the page will have zero weekly content and every post will be just posted at random times. I think honestly if there’s an article that this could happen, it’s the Waifu articles, but that won’t be because I lost interest, it’ll be because I ran out of girls to list. I knew ahead of time when I started that series that unless every week I replenished the list with three female characters, I would slowly, but surely run that number into the ground. It’s not at that point yet, but it’s certainly not at a high number like it was a year ago when I started it. As for the other two weekly articles, the Sexy/Beauty/Cutie articles will only die if I don’t want to do them anymore. There’s over 40,000 girls listed in, I’m not worried about losing numbers. And unless anime altogether becomes garbage, I’ll certainly have a weekly simulcast post, unless I don’t have internet for a month again. I will die if that happens again, I think…

But yeah guys, I’m still very much here and I’ll still be happy to rant about things bothering me, take the recent Mario Kart post for example. It just makes more sense to me now to post them when they’re fresh in my mind and not wait until Saturday when my anger has lowered and the story has grown old and stale in the minds of many readers.

I’m gonna miss the graphic though, I still like it. Looks nice and shiny.

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