Fire Emblem Heroes Has Bride Characters, There Better Be A Swimsuit Event!!!

The current event going on right now on Fire Emblem Heroes is called “Bridal Blessings” and features four of the series’ lovely ladies in bridal outfits, apparently anticipating their wedding day.

  • Caeda – Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon
  • Charlotte – Fire Emblem Fates
  • Cordelia – Fire Emblem: Awakening
  • Lyn – Fire Emblem: Blazing Swords

I can only imagine that some people got put off by this event and that all of them are from outside of Japan. In Japan, dressing characters up in bridal attire is extremely normal among the characters’ fanbases, hence the common term ‘waifu’ that is used throughout various nerd culture communities.

I think it’s a really cool event, but I haven’t put a single orb into the event, because I’m saving them all up for a potential event that should be coming very soon…

Now if Japan is going all-out with a bridal event, they damn sure better bring us some awesome summer events, full of swimsuit-laden boys and girls throughout the Fire Emblem series. This really began to be a thing in Fire Emblem: Awakening with the “Summer of Bonds” DLC which featured characters Chrom, Cordelia, Gaius and Tharja all looking fabulous in their swimsuits. Hell, it spawned what fans of pretty anime boys called “the greatest butt mouse pad ever made!!!” of Chrom in the very swim shorts he wears in the DLC (seen here). Even more were added into Fire Emblem Fates where personally Takumi and Hinoka were the best ones of their respective gender.

The problem is will Japan actually release this outside of Japan. I don’t think there’s any doubt that Japan will see a Summer of Bonds-like event, but will they release this outside, especially in North America where currently the tiniest amount of cleavage sends every feminist into a frenzy. Hell, I’m positive there will be several of these events, since they only do four characters at a time and you know how much money they’ll make in microtransactions if they give fans of the series a chance to get swimsuits of a ton of their favourite Fire Emblem characters.

artwork by Kuwagataa (

I think that’s what I like about the game right now, there’s so many different options of characters to get. While yes, the game has a real problem with giving you almost no way to earn orbs after you’ve played the game completely through and yes, it’s very clear the intent is so an event comes along that you want in on, but you’ll have to spend top dollar to get in, regardless of all that, I’m still very high on what Fire Emblem Heroes has done so far. It hasn’t wronged me just yet, so they better not start by not bringing the lovely boys and girls of Fire Emblem to us here in North America as they enjoy themselves on a lovely beach wearing next to nothing.

I have 180 orbs currently saved up awaiting such a time when specifically I have the chance to get Tharja in that red bikini she shows off in so well. Are my odds good? Probably not, but a guy can dream right?

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