Huh…Nintendo Actually Listened…

I’m torn…I want to continue to be mad at Nintendo, but I can’t really give them any shit. They actually listened to us for once…

As I read on Kotaku on Friday, Nintendo has changed their online service plan drastically. The biggest complaint everyone had was the one free classic game a month…that would only last a month. I didn’t sugarcoat it, I thought this was one of the most idiotic, foolish, downright fucking insane decision on Nintendo’s part. To have an online subscription where you only get a game that you can already emulate and it only lasts a month, it was downright insulting to customers when for example, this month PlayStation Plus users are getting Life is Strange and Killing Floor 2 as free games and you keep them forever as long as you’re subscribed to PS Plus!

But now, Nintendo’s completely changed their position. In a rare move for Japan, let alone just Nintendo, the online service instead will offer a set of classic games that you can play at any time, like a Netflix service. And the kicker…it’s going to cost $20 a month?! Well now, how does one criticize that? I really sat down and tried to think about what could be negative about this, the only thing I could come up with is just that you won’t see any major Nintendo Switch titles ever go on for free in the same way PlayStation Plus and Xbox Gold members get current console releases and indie games for free.

But in all honesty, what can I be mad at here? Nintendo, a Japanese game developer actually fucking listened to outrage from a non-Japanese market. Someone finally got to them, let them know how stupid the original plan was, bordering on levels as bad as the Xbox One being marketed as a glorified TV box, and the heads at Nintendo actually heard those remarks and didn’t just go “Fuck you.” to everyone! I have to applaud that, great job, Japan! Great job, Nintendo!

Does this mean I’ll buy a Switch now? Absolutely not, I still don’t see a games lineup that’s worth playing right now, to me it’s really a glorified box you can play the new Zelda on. I’m still fully under my plan of waiting at least two years for Nintendo to actually put a lineup of games on the console, not to mention buffer out all the kinks they have thus far.

But at this current moment, for the first time in a while, I’m actually thinking positive things with Nintendo and not the opposite.

It’s a weird feeling…

One thought on “Huh…Nintendo Actually Listened…”

  1. That’s definitely an interesting move by Nintendo. I wonder what all the catches will be. Which games will go on the service, how long will they stay there or will they change the titles around at their own whim, etc. Still, that seems like an interesting bit of news to follow.


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