The Spoiler Section: Wonder Woman

Welcome to the spoilers section. This is not meant to be a well-written post or review, this is just a bunch of jotted down nitpicks of mine from watching the film. For the actual review, click here.

So let’s sit down and gush/criticize what we saw, shall we?

  • I said it in the review as well, but to be more specific now, the romance between Diana and Steve felt very forced and the end with Steve sacrificing himself to destroy all the gas bombs was so cliche that it hurt. They should’ve been nothing more than comrades, Diana’s first trusted friend after leaving her homeland. The comedy in their initial meeting was super funny, but once they started dancing and making out, I thought it felt very out of place and unnecessary
  • The fact that all three of Sameer, Charlie and Chief survived the movie is an absolute miracle, given that none of them contributed much of anything throughout the entire film. They didn’t need to be there and because they were there, it took a few minutes away from expanding any of the main characters whether Diana, Steve, Ludendorff, Dr. Poision, or of course, Ares.
  • Which speaking of Ares, I thought the turn with Patrick being Ares all along was very cool and unexpected. I see a lot of people annoyed that Ares didn’t end up turning into this badass god of war, which I do agree with, but I still think having him be this person that hovered around them all this time, it was a well-written twist. The film just could’ve benefited more from Ares actually turning into a full-on god in the final battle, rather than David Thewlis in CG armor.
  • The death of Ludendorff gave way to a great twist, in that the war hadn’t ended. So little time was spent on this moment with Diana shocked that killing “Ares” hadn’t ended anything, that humans truly do have malice in their hearts. Also, of course only men have this effect, because women can’t be violent, right? But that aside, how did the film spend zero time on the most emotional moment in the film?! This was such a wasted opportunity! Why not spend another few minutes of frustration with Diana, truly believing now that the humans maybe, just maybe aren’t worth saving.
  • The final battle between Diana and Ares was not interesting at all, even with the cliche moment of Steve sacrificing herself, causing Diana to turn Super Saiyan on Ares. The battle wasn’t all that fun, it was just a CG circle jerk, nothing more and nothing less.
  • Another missed opportunity, Diana just lets Dr. Poison go, which is what she should have done, but there’s no closure with that character. We’re just left to assume she goes on and dies as she grows older, we know nothing of her after the events of the final battle. She just vanishes.
  • The fact the entire movie basically makes zero references or foreshadowing to future films is almost frustrating. I’m not 100% sure if I like or dislike this, it’s hard to say if the film should’ve at least hinted at something, or just stay as a movie solely responsible for establishing her character.

Thanks for reading my ramblings on Wonder Woman! I really did enjoy the movie, but like I said in the review, there’s just so many problems and missed opportunities in the film that really hinder it from being a critical success, rather than just leaving the theater satisfied at the time.

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