Sexy, Beauty or Cutie? #11

Welcome to Sexy, Beauty or Cutie, where I go through random anime characters through and decide whether they best fall into the sexy, beauty, or cutie spectrum when it comes to looks. Now because of this, I’m only selecting anime girls that I actually think look good, which is generally most of them, but this does mean my own personal preferences will keep some girls out. Generally speaking, that just means old women, as in seniors and what anime designs as a “fat girl”, which generally is morbidly obese, as anime is always an over-exaggeration of everything.

So with that being said, let’s hop to it! We’ve got three lovely contestants for you today, let’s bring them out!

Karen (Triptych)

It’s pretty obvious what Karen is designed to look like. She’s the cute, small girl with long hair, pretty much no boobs, but you know has a butt that is going to get shown off again and again. Realistically though, she’s almost completely running in the cute category, sure she does look very pretty, but her small frame really brings out the cuteness, especially when we’re talking twintails.

Her clothes, well…I mean she’s littered in hair bows, hairpins, ribbons, lolita attire, all that adorable jazz so where do you think she’s headed? Hell, even if you dig far enough, her underwear drawer is clearly filled to the brim with more cute pairs, rather than overly sexual. This really isn’t a difficult case, most aren’t, but this one especially is taking zero effort on my part to decide.

She’s certainly a pretty girl for sure, but her entire appearance is centered so strongly around being a cute lolita girl that there’s nothing else to really look at. Whether it’s her small frame, the punk girl look, the crapton of hairpins and bows she wears, they all put her in an adorable light and nothing else really has a chance to take center stage.

Misono Uesugi (Izumo Zero)

A bit of an older look, so cute’s not even a factor at all here, so we’re already at a two-horse race. So which is it, sexy or beauty? Well, judging by the few pictures I have of access to her, her body type is much like an elegant, beautiful woman. She likely has a decent bust, but I don’t think she’s so overwhelming that attention is drawn there, her clothes being a major factor in that. What really sells me on Misono is her hair and eyes, her long, blue hair and magenta eyes mix together so perfectly in an absolutely stunning combination, one that is really difficult to look away from.

As for her clothes, I can only seem to find pictures of her in this shrine girl attire and regardless of how plain and boring I tend to think that outfit is, it really suits her well, because as I said earlier, her hair and eyes are just such an attention magnet, so the outfit not being anything special in fact just adds onto her beauty, because you’re keeping your attention on said beauty. Add that to when she’s fighting and you get a bit of a tomboyish look in that outfit, but the beauty still wins over there too.

Even more than Karen, calling Misono was way too easy. She is plain and simple, an extremely beautiful woman. She’s got zero cuteness and honestly, almost zero sex appeal. She’s a girl you look at and think about romance, love, marriage, sunsets, fireworks, that kind of stuff. You don’t look at Misono and immediately put your head in the gutter. She’s a classy lady!

Hazuki Shinonome (Love, Election and Chocolate)

Again, an older woman, so cuteness pretty much goes out the window here. While we had one girl with tiny boobs, one girl with probably normal-sized boobs, now we get Hazuki who clearly has some big boobs goin’ on here. She’s definitely designed to be a bit leaning on the sexy side, though she flips between pretty and sexy, to downright sexy as shit, depending on whether she’s been drinking or not. Normal, she looks like a really pretty woman with large breasts, her long, brown hair and green eyes match up pretty well. But when she’s either drunk or flirting her ass off, she completely transforms into one hell of a sexy lady.

Her outfits definitely lean to the sexy side, for the reason alone that she shows off a lot of leg in all of them. Short skirts a’plenty here, it’s almost as if she’s trying to court someone into running a hand or two up her thighs.

There’s no doubt here either, Hazuki was clearly designed to be your classic sexy teacher-looking woman (don’t know the series, can’t tell if she’s actually a teacher) who also drinks and gets even more sexy and flirty. There’s certainly a beautiful woman underneath this, but her designs are just so overwhelming in terms of being intended as sex appeal.

And that’s it for this week’s edition of Sexy, Beauty or Cutie! Thank you so much for checking it out, I hope you guys enjoyed this week’s edition! Don’t forget to comment below about what you think about this week’s contestants!

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