Anime Swimsuits You Can Buy Is The Best Idea I’ve Heard (Today)

There’s a lot of great and cool ideas that I see when it comes to fashion that has references to video games, film, television and of course, anime. Whether it’s t-shirts, hoodies, hats, anything that you can wear in public and most people won’t know that you’re wearing some weird Japanese anime merchandise, I love it. It’s why I’m a huge fan of a site like Insert Coin, because it’s nerdy video game clothes that could easily pass off for stuff you could buy in any major clothing store.

Now Japan continues the trend of being awesome when it comes to making clothing available to anime fans. This time around, it’s of a much…sexier nature.

For fans of the anime Saekano: How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend, you’re very familiar with one of the lead females on the show, Megumi Kato and especially her black and white striped bikini that has been making the rounds around various anime communities. Whether it’s fan art, figures, cosplay, hell even body pillows, Megumi in her bikini is apparently really popular, so much so that Japanese cosplay fashion company Cospa is making an official run of the bikini themselves for 14,400 yen (approx. $125 US).

Now that’s a super cool idea, don’t you think? Given that Megumi isn’t exactly the most unique looking girl, this is a character one could easily cosplay as in public without drawing too much attention. There’s no crazy, over-the-top bright-coloured hair, there’s no weird symbols or designs to the swimsuit itself, it looks pretty normal. It’s something that could easily pass off as a normal swimsuit you could buy in any other store, so for someone who wants to show off their anime fandom in public, but not feel so awkward when doing so, this is such a great way for this option to actually exist.

Now there is already stuff out there like this, but most of it is stuff that’s made by a small cosplay company, it’s made to order and it takes some time to receive. In this specific case, this is being made as a single run, a massive run of a specific number before they sell out and perhaps never come back. So it sucks that chances are that it’s a one and done kind of product and not something that could be sold in stores, but it’s progress!

My hope is that one day, we’ll be able to see anime-based fashion sold in regular stores in the way that Western nerd culture items are now becoming a thing, see stores like Hot Topic for example with all their comic book and cartoon merchandise, including swimwear. There’s a lot out there and if we keep working towards figuring out ways to make the things we love more acceptable for the general public, we can feel more comfortable about expressing our fandoms in public, rather than feeling nervous and awkward with the potential of someone figuring it out and making fun of us endlessly for it. I mean, come on, I’d love to have my own Chrom (Fire Emblem) swimsuit, though with a little more fabric to it, I don’t think I can pull that kind of swimwear off just yet.

But any random girl with this relatively normal looking swimsuit based off of one of my favourite anime series? I’d like to see more of this, please! Because the model looks good in that!

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