Waifu, FWB or One-Night Stand? #57

It’s week #57 of Waifu, Friend With Benefits or One-Night Stand!

For those new to the article, this is not a post that talks about the “fuckability” of three randomly selected female characters from various anime and video games. I’m already attracted to them, it’s to be implied that I would share a bed with them already. What this article is meant to do, is go through their personalities, interests, anything pertinent to answering the question if they’re a one-time only, a friend that I might accept the occasional booty call from, or someone I would absolutely spend the rest of my life with.

So without further to do, let’s meet this week’s contestants!

Kicking off this week’s edition is the lead guitarist of “The Fallen Moon”. From Fuuka, it’s Sara Iwami!

For this one, I’m going completely off memory, as no one’s really done a personality profile on her. Sara as we discover, is someone who the main character had been talking to for a while online but never met in person. She’s one of those types of people that online are completely different from who they are in real life, as she’s energetic and jokey when over instant messenger, but in-person she’s very quiet and reserved, borderlining between being extremely serious, or extremely weird, depending on how you look at her.

Sara keeps a small amount of company, seemingly the kind of person who just likes having a few really close friends, rather than a ton of acquaintances. Those lucky few will have an extremely loyal and caring friend next to them at all times, one who is always trying to help however she can, has a brilliant mind and not to mention, she’s an amazing guitar player!

So because of my own personal biases, here’s my easy call on Sara:


Her personality isn’t perfect, but as I’ve learned through the time I’ve spent around so many people in my life, musicians bond so well together, they bring out the best in each other, at least when their tastes match. Sara is clearly a rock girl, so we’re not going to be clashing much because she wants to listen to the new Adele record front to back all day long. But I do like her personality a lot, despite her reserved nature, because I see how she is with the few people she’s close to, there’s a fantastic girl hidden behind that tough-looking exterior. She’s someone I could jam with all day, every day.

Second up is the mischevious president of a newspaper club at her school. From Jitsu wa Watashi wa (Actually, I Am), it’s Mikan Akemi.

Mikan is a devilish girl, there’s no mistaking this. She takes pleasure in harassing and bullying others at school, especially when she’s trying to dig up tabloid-level stories for the newspaper club. You would really think at first glance that Mikan is a terrible human being…and you’re not wrong.

However, we do see that Mikan is terrible at hiding truths herself, as it’s very clear that her concentrated bullying is on people she actually cares about a lot, in particular the main character of the series who she absolutely has more than a crush on. It’s almost like she does what she does as a way for people to keep noticing her, to keep remembering that she’s always there. We see that she is capable of being caring and loving, as she is with her two younger brothers, but in the case of someone she’s in love with, it seems like it’s more a case that she doesn’t know what to actually do, so she does the easiest thing to get your attention and that’s pissing you off.

Anyways, here’s my call on Mikan:


You may think this is a strange decision to make after all the negative comments I said about Mikan, but there is a very logical reason for this choice. Think about it, once you’re in Mikan’s view, there’s nothing you can do, you’re stuck in it. So why go one and done and suffer the consequences of being absolutely obliterated by her devil journalistic ways. She would absolutely ruin anyone who stood her up, so assuming I have to hook up with her, by logic I’d have to take the middle option, so I’m still on her radar, rather than in her sights. She’s a dangerous girl, I’m not taking any risks here!

Speaking of dangerous, finishing up this week’s edition is everyone’s favourite “Police Girl” with the big titties. From Hellsing, it’s Seras Victoria!

Now right off the bat, to fit Seras into real life and while I’d hate to do it, we have to take her away from her vampire ways and keep her as how she is before Alucard arrives and turns her into a vampire when she’s at near-death. So the Police Girl will forever be…a police girl.

As one has to be in order to don on the uniform, Seras is a brave, heroic and strong woman if there ever was one. From her childhood on, she always had been a strong-willed girl and it just transitioned into her life as she got older and became a police officer. A tomboy at heart, Seras is quite the odd mixture of a lot of other anime tropes in terms of personality. She can be extremely childish at times, yet she might just be one of the most mature and intelligent people you’d ever know. She has such a strong grasp of the world and society and has a brilliant mind in terms of how to live and how to act.

Taking away her vampiric rage throughout the series, what we see of her in a more normal state, it’s hard not to love Seras. She’s everything, she can be funny and energetic, she can be serious and super intelligent, she can be weird and quirky, she can be cute and adorable. It’s really hard to come up with flaws about her, without her vampire nature, there really isn’t much I hate about her.

So it makes this decision all that more simple for me:


I didn’t think about it too much until now, but holy hell, Seras Victoria may be one of the highest on the list in terms of waifus that I have, rivaling girls like Charlotte Dunois, Asa Shigure and Cagalli Yula Athha. She’s such a fantastic example of what every woman should aspire to be, what a strong woman should look like. And on top of that, she’s still able to be a fun personality and she’s also able to be one of the prettiest girls in anime as well.

It’s criminally unfair how perfect she is. Ha, it’s funny because she’s a police officer! Maybe not…okay, I’ll go home now…

So that’s this week’s edition of Waifu, FWB, or One-Night Stand, hope you enjoyed it! Leave any comments you’ve got below, whether it’s your own choices between the three or maybe I’m missing something that could’ve turned the tide on my decision with any one of these girls.

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