Week #9 – Spring Anime 2017

Week #9 has arrived with this Spring anime season. What’s in store this week?!

Just like every week, I’ll be watching my selected shows for the season and giving my brief feelings on the episode, along with things I liked and things I didn’t like. So let’s get a’watchin’!


Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor (Ep.9)


I’m very frustrated with this anime right now. How does one with so much fun and comedy, yet mixing action and story thus far suddenly stop doing this? This episode was pure garbage, the random test tube story with Re=L’s true identity, the lack of interesting villains with this episode, hell even whatever Eleanor’s doing right now, it makes no sense, we have no real idea what’s actually going on. I cannot believe how after 6-7 episodes of a really good show, it just suddenly stops being that!

So I’m doing something I don’t want to do. I’m putting this show on notice. Either quit being this boring, cliched magic anime bullshit that it’s been the last two episode, or be dropped in the same way I dropped Big Order at the very end.


  • Not a damn thing


  • Really?! The two girls barely freaked out seeing the bloody bedroom?!
  • The two new villains that were also defeated ever so quickly, neither of them were interesting, had no investment in their battles
  • Re=L being a copy of a murdered girl doesn’t do anything, in fact it makes me like her less, which I don’t want to do
  • What was the point of that sidestory? There was no connection to be made at all, it was just pointless, trivial backstory
  • The fact we’re three episodes from the season end and we have no idea what the final villain is or what their goal is, that’s not good

Episode Score: 2/5 ***ON NOTICE***

Eromanga-sensei (Ep.9)


This was a great episode if you’re into the Elf/Masamune pairing. The development in this pair has been fantastic and it finally comes to a head when Elf formally “proposes” to Masamune. We obviously know he has eyes for Sagiri, because of course he has eyes on the least interesting girl, but what Elf does here is so much different than so many other harems. So literally tells Masamune, even knowing he’s in love with someone else that she intends to make him fall in love with her, that she will be such a great match for him, that he’ll have to consider her. She’s not hiding her feelings, she’s not settling in the background, she knows what she wants and isn’t budging. This is why I firmly believe in this relationship being the best one.

Now on the side notes, Muramasa looked stunning in her swimsuit, winning easily. But to be fair, it was her vs Elf and she has much bigger boobs, so it was an unfair fight. Which also sucks, because we have no Megumi, no Tomoe and no Sagiri, though what were the chances of getting Sagiri in a swimsuit, right? Also, the funny fake yaoi moment with the boys was great, I loved that joke. A fun episode for sure.


  • The relationship between Elf/Masamune hit its high note here
  • The yaoi joke between Chris and Masamune was pretty funny


  • A swimsuit episode and only two out of the five girls are there. Shame!
  • If it’s hot enough to be okay for girls to be out in the skimpiest of bikinis, for fuck’s sake why are the boys wearing shirts, including Masamune who’s wearing a fucking hoodie?!
  • It’s a little frustrating knowing that Masamune only has eyes for Sagiri, when he and Elf truly are developing as a pair

Episode Score: 4.5/5

Granblue Fantasy (Ep.9)


Sigh, another episode that really undoes all the good things it had been doing as of late. This episode originally would’ve just been a filler episode, nothing special, but now with Gran being such a giant dumbass and not taking Lyria with him, FOR A SINGLE FUCKING ERRAND, now she’s captured and he’s lost her. Seriously, she wasn’t tired, sore or anything, he just left her alone for no reason whatsoever! Anime, for fuck’s sake, at least try to make sense once in a while, would ya?!


  • Nothing really to be honest, just a filler episode full of conversations


  • Gran’s dumbassery just went up way too many points to count
  • Nothing happened beyond the last minute, I just sat and stared

Episode Score: 2.5/5

Hinako Note (Ep.9)


This episode wasn’t nearly as crazy funny as last week, but still a decent watch for sure, at the very least for the many moments of the girls being scared, well mostly Yua being scared out of her mind. I don’t know how Mayuki could ever be scary to anyone, but hey, that’s what makes anime so goddamn hilarious at times.


  • The “horror” parts of the episode were super cute and funny
  • We seem to have an end goal in mind now, which is nice


  • What was with the random panty shot on Chiaki there? Way out of place!

Episode Score: 3.5/5

KADO: The Right Answer (Ep.8)


It’s quite the dilemma isn’t it? With Saraka wanting things to be as they were and let humanity evolve naturally rather than getting a rocket strapped to them and thrusted well into the future. We see as well that Koujirou is starting to have second thoughts about everything and now the real question is starting to become whether Yaha-kui zaShunina is actually helping humanity or himself. That smile at the end makes you question everything now. It makes sense to have him as a villain of course, our fear in the unknown, our fear of the outside world, what a fantastic villain that fear makes. We’ll see where things go from here


  • The question of whether we should accelerate our evolution or not, how thought provoking is this show?
  • The potential of a Yaha-kui zaShunina heel turn (becoming a villain) is now floating in my head and making me more interested
  • Saraka just stole my heart this episode in the way Marie (Granblue Fantasy) did last week


  • Nothing to report

Episode Score: 5/5

Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine (Ep.9)


For an episode that ended up becoming very serious, the show still managed to have quite a lot of fun with it. I knew pretty early on in this series that there would be something very unique about Heine and it’s definitely been confirmed now. However, I’m unsure how I feel about Heine just being this all-knowing, battle-skilled person. Characters that go this route end up being quite shallow and boring, so thankfully the show balances it out with his chibi form and comedy. This Rosenberg plot continues to mystify me as to why this needed to be brought into a perfectly great comedy.


  • Despite the seriousness, the show managed to retain a good chunk of its comedy
  • Kai in full king mode this week, got over really well


  • The seriousness is still turning me off a bit, I didn’t want this kind of story involved in such a cheesy, hilarious show

Episode Score: 4/5

Renai Boukun (Ep.9)


Sigh…this show really can’t help itself trying to have a serious, heartbreaking plot in this ridiculous, over-the-top anime, can it? Seriously, what is it with Japan and not just sticking to a core concept and sticking to it? When this show is at its best, it’s not worrying about stupid sidestories like what Shikimi is trying to do to get Akane away from Seiji. This isn’t your average romantic comedy, you can’t just stop the insanity for an episode to bring in the feels, it doesn’t work in the same way a Nisekoi can do it. Even further, the focus on the group doing Guri’s job as a cupid has been completely thrown out the window now in hopes of finding her true love that she doesn’t know how to deal with yet. It’s still a fun show, but man has it fallen in this second half.


  • The randomness was still on full display with the play they did


  • The play was also getting a little annoying, especially when no effort was made to try and fit Yuzu’s situation in with everything going on, it’s like they just bypassed the play, it was a missed opportunity
  • This serious plot that Shikimi’s involved in, it’s really turning me off this show

Episode Score: 3/5

One thought on “Week #9 – Spring Anime 2017”

  1. Have to agree that Kado is an incredibly thought provoking show and I’ve just loved it this season.
    I’m going to be honest though, I’m actually liking the slightly more serious tone for The Royal Tutor. It hasn’t taken out the comedy moments but that more serious tone is actually making me like it more. Then again, I was surprised I was enjoying the comedy in the show given how rarely that happens so that’s definitely a personal preference.


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