I Expect E3 2017 To Be Extremely Underwhelming

I really do try my best to not be pessimistic and cynical as much as I tend to be, but sometimes there are moments where you cannot help yourself and you have to feel this way. For me, this year’s E3 is that very example.

I don’t feel like there’s much to look forward to at this year’s E3. Personally, I think so much of what we’re going to see is going to be a lineup of things we’ve already known about for years now. I’m fully expecting to see at the very least a 70%+ lineup from Microsoft and Sony that will large in part be the same as what they showed off last year, the difference being for a bunch of these games, they’ll actually have release dates and the like.

For example, here’s what I’m positive we’ll see from Microsoft and Sony:


  • Project Scorpio (a third of their presentation will be about it)
  • Obligatory HALO something (game, film/tv series, there’s always something)
  • Red Dead Redemption 2
  • Crackdown 3 (which keeps not coming out)
  • Sea of Thieves (same deal)
  • State of Decay 2
  • Obligatory ID @ Xbox (because Microsoft cares about indies…)


  • The Last of Us 2
  • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
  • God of War (aka God of War IV, but who cares about numbers anymore, right?)
  • Destiny 2
  • Days Gone (because we always need more zombies)
  • Death Stranding (and we’ll still know nothing about it)
  • Detroit: Become Human
  • Knack 2
  • Spider-Man (maybe)

Nintendo is the real wildcard here. Why? Well because we don’t really know what Nintendo has, because upon the Switch’s arrival, we had almost zero games for it aside from indie games and ports. But here’s the few games we’re sure to see from them:


  • Super Mario Odyssey
  • Splatoon 2
  • ARMS
  • Something Pokemon-related
  • More mobile games

Personally, I’m not holding out much hope for something crazy to come out and surprise me. I’m going into this E3 thinking this year is more about setting down foundations now, rather than trying to wow the fans away from their competition. Nintendo might go the surprise route, but that’s more because they have so much more room to throw in new things we haven’t heard about yet. Sony and Microsoft on the other hand, their shows are already pretty full assuming all their unfinished projects aren’t cancelled and being swept under the rug.

There’s a lot I’d like to see this year in terms of surprises and such, but here’s all the things I don’t think we will see that could be considered as much:

  • Beyond Good & Evil 2 (it’s never happening, guys)
  • Grand Theft Auto VI (Rockstar is going to be sucking on this tit for a long time before they start thinking about a new one)
  • Kingdom Hearts III/Final Fantasy VII Remake release date
  • Square Enix’s Avengers IP (I think they’ll talk about it, but not actually show anything gameplay-wise)
  • Metroid Prime 4 (I think if it’s coming, we’re still a year away from that announcement)
  • Cyberpunk 2077 (I think we’re also a year from this one starting to make the rounds)

I could go on and on about even less likely things, like y’know…a new Chrono game, a new Mother (Earthbound) game, things of that nature, but those pipe dreams will always be just that, a pipe dream. I’ve come to terms with a lot of these dreams never coming to fruition, in the way that I imagine a lot of Half-Life fans are finally accepting that Half-Life 3 may never arrive. So because of that acceptance, I truly do believe that this year’s E3 will not have as many surprises as we’ve come to expect in recent years.

Now could I be wrong? Of course I could, but my brain is telling me right now that there’s too much already on the list for all the three console makers to really shock us with something. Could EA, Bethesda, Square Enix, Activision, or any of those developers sneak something through at their own conferences? Sure, but my focus is on the three that truly matter, that being Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. I think with a large lineup already, Sony doesn’t have much room for surprises, I think with Project Scorpio, Microsoft will be pushing it way too much to have room for surprises. Nintendo is the tricky one because there’s so much open, but is there anything truly surprising that Nintendo could come out with? I can’t really think of anything, is a new Metroid, Donkey Kong, Super Smash Bros., any game like that, is it all that surprising when it’s Nintendo’s bread and butter?

There will always be a big surprise at E3, but I just don’t feel like there will be nearly as many stories this year as we’ve had in others. This year will likely be more about a flurry of games coming out in the fall and Nintendo/Microsoft continuing to try and catch up to the hot start Sony had with the PlayStation 4 at the beginning of its cycle.

It’s always exciting when E3 rolls around. This year though, I’m going in with low expectations this time around.

One thought on “I Expect E3 2017 To Be Extremely Underwhelming”

  1. I haven’t heard many announcements for E3 that make me feel interested this year. Admittedly, I’m usually a year or so behind with games anyway because I don’t tend to buy new releases, but there just isn’t anything that is really getting me excited. I am still looking forward to the posts that come out afterward to see if maybe there is something for me to look out for.


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